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5/3/11 11:58 A

I bought my dress from I love it. If you do find something on there, make sure you measure correctly and take into the fact you may have to take it to a tailor. I ordered my size, when I got it I had gained 5 pounds and it was still too big. But for the price. Its perfect.

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4/17/11 9:49 A

Hi all, new here!

I found mine on Kijijii, it was purchased but never worn by another, so I got it for a great price!

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4/17/11 1:04 A

I went all over the place (and I mean it, looked all over my city and a bunch of shops down in the US as well) and never found a single one that I could fit into, plenty that I liked but nun that fit to show if the style would look good on me or not.

Only found a place that I would have gotten my dress from after I had gotten married, the dress I wore was put together by my ILs and well I still say I looked like a white puff ball in the blasted thing, didn't feel right in it and didn't like how I looked in it at all. Renewal of vows we're going with HolyClothing I fell in love with their clothing.

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4/13/11 9:12 P

I actually found mine at JC Penney. Granted, its a white sundress, not a traditional wedding dress at all, but given the fact that I'm having an outdoor July wedding, I wanted something cool.

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4/13/11 12:56 P

I think it's best to support your locals stores. But I also think David's Bridal is CRAP. Their dresses fall apart and a lot of their customer service is bad. I guess it depends where you live though.

4/12/11 8:20 P

I am the same as the girl below me. I did "Brides Against Breast Cancer." Breast Cancer runs in my family so it meant a lot to me, and I got a beautiful dress at a great price :)

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4/12/11 10:32 A

I bought mine at a Bride's Against Breast Cancer deal. They go across the US through out the year and at each stop, they spend a weekend in a city where girls can come to a big conference room full of wedding gowns. You can find some very nice dresses for cheap. just google it and you should be able to find a link to the schedule if you are interested. I drove from MO to TX to get mine because the closest one at the time to me that gave me time to get my dress before the wedding was one in TX because by the time I found out about them I had missed the MO stops :( But it was worth it. I bought a beautiful dress for only about $300.
If you do find one and go, I recommend going as early as possible. I went late in the day on their day 2 of opening and I did not have many choices left in my size so I had to dig through dresses that were bigger. Not a huge deal but it meant I had to get it down sized before the wedding.
Hope that helps :)

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4/11/11 5:04 P

I went to David's and about 2 other local places and had really good experiences. David's is nice because the prices are online, so you know what price you're looking at. I didn't go to any places where I felt the sales people were pushy. At 2 places I was allowed to pick out the dresses I wanted to try on and therefore was able to pick out dresses within my budget. If you run into issues though, it's important to stand your ground.

4/10/11 8:57 P

I looked at Davids and I saw some nice ones but I would want to see some more online so that I can get a general idea..I know when you walk into those stores they want to get you for everything!!!

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
4/10/11 8:55 P

I went to a bunch of local shops as well as David's Bridal. David's has a good website, but some of the local shops also have websites that will link you up to the sites of the designers they carry. I'd definitely recommend googling wedding dresses to get an idea of designers and local stores.

4/9/11 8:44 P

Hi you guys, did any one have a site that they went to to find a dress or just a local store.

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