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JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/16/13 10:49 A

Thats what I noticed too Whole... was the food thing.. I am getting better at it, but I just expect it to be there lolol

ooo Lec, that is another downfall I found with the sparks app,

The inaccurate calorie burned heheheh I just got around that by having to enter that myself...

What kind of phone do you have that made that app so buggy?

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4/16/13 10:14 A

I found the SP app to be very buggy on my newish phone so I switched to myfitnesspal. The only thing I don't like is how they add in the calories you burned in cardio exercised tracked to your total calorie allotment. It screws with my math. :D

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
4/16/13 9:59 A

All around I prefer Spark. I know some people find having to input your custom food or exercise a pain, but I much prefer doing that because then I know it is accurate. That was my biggest issue with the other app, that the entries were not correct most of the time. At least here I have the option of entering custom options (I used myfitnesspal years ago, may have changed since then).

Just my opinion. I haven't use the other program in at least 4 years because I find SP to be much more user friendly, better and more supportive community, the experts are great here, and I love the tools that SP offers- Like the graphs and charts you mentioned.

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/16/13 9:26 A

I have been using my fitness pal over 2years now..
Sparks people Food tracker app, less than a week...

here are my differences and what I like and don't... I am hoping others can peer in and give advice to these apps as well...

My plateau has still be plaguing me so I decided to try and pay for that phone app for sparks people..

I have noticed it already includes - kinda a meal plan to help guide my way
Myfitness pal does not

I love how the sparks people also does the graphs on fat, carbs, protein and calories..
my fitness pal does not

It has awesome exercise demos and it even has short videos to show you how to certain things.. it is broken up into, upper, lower, cardio, strength and core..
Myfitness pal does not.. it only tracks exercises

The searches I am having to add a lot of things yet to the app,
Myfitness pal, - this beats the sparks app by far.......

I love how sparks has the graph of calories eaten to what my goal is and it tells me to reach my goal I must eat blah blah calories today
My fitness pal does not..

So far after a few days of using it, It has paid for itself and its worth it.

I am not sure if others are finding the same thing... however

How many of you have actually lost weight due to this app? If so how much?

I am actually impressed with this little app and it offers so much more!

Well worth it I think! But I will rate it more once my plateau is broken LOL

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