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6/17/12 11:48 A

The bulk of the advice here has been to accurately track everything you eat, and these people are 100% correct. It does two important things:

1. You find out how many calories you REALLY are eating. Before I started eating correctly, I was probably close to 3000 calories a day, and I'd have guessed 2200-2400 off the top of my head. BIG difference long term.

2. By studying the calories in what you eat, you quickly discover where the "food land mines" are. That is, the foods that are not giving you much (if any) nutrition, but are adding on calories in piles. Replace those foods with low calorie/high nutrition foods one by one, and you've got it made. I guarantee it.

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6/17/12 11:25 A

If nothing changes... nothing changes.

When you don't do anything different, you can't expect your weight to change, either! In order to lose weight, generally, what has to happen is that you need to eat less than you burn... this isn't as easy as it sounds, however simple it may be. If you don't weigh and measure your food, it's unlikely you're able to accurately guess how much you're eating.

Even if you eat healthy on a regular basis, that doesn't mean you're not overeating! Even a vegan can overeat on healthy foods!

VEggie burgers and sea food is better than deep-fried foods, but that doesn't mean you can't overeat on them.

There are some medical conditions that can make weight loss harder (usually thyroid related) but I think it's likely in your case that you simply haven't made the changes you need to in order to start the journey.

Start a food journal; you can either use the food tracker here, or even write it down in a notebook. Knowing what you're eating is the first step to figuring out how to lose weight!

MLAN613 Posts: 18,821
6/17/12 10:53 A

I agree that you should start logging your food intake. Do this BEFORE you head to the doctor. Who knows, maybe getting a hold of what you eat will help you. Maybe you're eating too little or too much. Both of these extremes can cause you to not lose or even gain. Also, you do need to make sure you're eating carbs, protein, and fats. Your body needs all of these to function properly.

I do admire you for wanting to get this under control now when you're young. I waited until I was a bit older and it's been a battle.

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6/17/12 8:57 A

I think a thing as simple as a food log would be a huge help to you.
You've said that you won't from eating pop tarts or potato chips to an apple for lunch. Neither one is a good, healthy choice.
I bet if you looked at you dietary intake, the whole picture, you will find that you are eating too many calories, and all the wrong stuff to see a weight loss.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
6/17/12 7:54 A

it's time to head in to the doc. the first thing to do is get your body fat tested. bmi is a good guess if you don't have bodyfat, but bodyfat is really going to tell where you are. this should be done in a dunk tank or with calipers. that number is going to help tell you what you can do.
the other thing you should get checked out while there is any medical reason why you might have issues losing weight. if you have a thyroid or another specific medical condition, you're going to need to treat that before you can lose.

secondly, head to the healthy lifestyle section and start reading about nutrition. an apple is not lunch. an apple is not breakfast. an apple by itself is not a good snack. are you noticing the trend here? apples are great for you, but fruit by itself, just like vegetables by themselves are really poor eating opportunity choices. why you ask? because they're just carbs. not simple carbs, but carbs. and you need protein and fat. and while most fruits and veggies do have some in them, you need to eat at least three servings or more [and some of them you need to eat pounds and pounds of to get to a few grams of fat and protein] to get any of that from them. so if you're having a fruit, have cheese or nuts or nut butter or some whole grain crackers or some yogurt with the fruit. if you're having veggies, try having hummus or another bean based dip, or even a yogurt based dip with them. you could also have some plain beans or tofu or a bit if fish if that happens to float your boat. but every time you eat, you should be getting some fat, some carbs, some protein and a little fiber isn't really a bad thing either.
balancing out your meals and snacks and eating opportunities should make it easier to cut back as you need to. because odds are when you started eating an apple for lunch [cutting out 100 cals from your previous lunch] you started to eat larger portions amounting to that 100 cals either before or after lunch.

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6/17/12 7:23 A

you need to track everything into your food tracker...every morsel including condiments. And you need to measure everything not eyeball it. I think you might be surprised at home many calories you are consuming. You also need to add cardio and ST. I know what you mean about cutting out foods and thinking this will change my weight. I cut out all the junk and I ate plenty of it and added exercise...I thought I would lose the weight quickly by doing that....I didn't It was a slow 1-2 pounds a week. The other thing is to make sure you are getting the right calorie range and following it incorporating sparks nutrition guidelines 50%carbs (this include fruit and veggies)20% protein (make it lean) and 30%fat...yes 30% (make it healthy). Try this for a should see at least 1-2 pounds gone if not more.

6/17/12 2:22 A

unfortunately it appears we have the same problem, regardless of what we do/eat it wont budge. i hope we can find some answers

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6/17/12 1:41 A

As far as I can remember, I never saw a real change in my weight after I stopped growing. So, it's been 3 or 4 years at this point. Of course it changes by about five pounds every now and then, but it always goes back to the same number: 180lbs. I am 18 and 5'6", so that puts my BMI at 28.6, almost obese. I would love to get this down.
While I was in high school, I would always have a PE class. It made me feel /better/ physically, though my weight would never be reflective of my accomplishments in class (like improving my mile time, or endurance, or just feeling better). I just finished my freshman year in College- no PE, almost no physical strain at all really, just being lazy all day every day, and my weight didn't go up. No freshman 15 gained. I can't say I'm disappointed, but it makes me think my nutrition is either pretty good, or pretty bad. I didn't change what I ate for the first half of the year. The second half of the year, I ate just an apple for lunch daily (changing from what used to be a bag of pop-tarts, or a bag of chips), and other than getting really bad stomach aches sometimes, nothing changed. I'm a pescetarian, so I eat a lot of veggie burgers and sea food.
Is there any advice you can give me? Is there a body type that doesn't change weight very easily?

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