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11/4/09 9:30 A

I'm so glad that someone put this on Sparks. I went through the same thing and stopped using the eliptical because of it...Now I can go back on it and just utilize the info I have read here and adjust my weight on my heels. Thanks..

CECHONE Posts: 7,029
11/4/09 9:17 A

I try to emphasized putting my weight on the balls of my heels. I do this because I have a dislocated toe due to bunions and other feet injuries. My toes are fine because of this.

VHALKYRIE Posts: 2,219
11/3/09 3:49 P

This happens to me if my shoelaces are tied too tight. Make sure your laces secure your shoe to your feet (your heel does not lift inside the shoe), but it should not feel tight. My feet have a tendency to swell a little bit when I've been working out for a while, so laces tied too tight will constrict and make my feet go numb.

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DAVIDR1450 Posts: 140
11/3/09 3:44 P

I read an article a while back that goes along with the nerve in the foot. If you pick your feet up off the pedals (whatever they are called) for a little while it gets everything back to normal.

OPALRAIN Posts: 107
11/3/09 3:37 P

I'm really glad this topic is here too. I used a recumbent bike for about 45 minutes, and then used a stepper for 10, and the result was numb toes in my left foot and they still are a little bit achy! I'm at work now, shoes off, and wiggling my toes every few minutes. I'll definitely remember your tips about shifting the weight back!

Also, thanks for the article link. emoticon

ITZEL0 Posts: 98
10/27/09 2:04 P

Awesome topic! Happens to me all the time. I try to switch my weight back but by that time they are already pass the numbness and I jsut get on another machine... emoticon

10/27/09 9:53 A

I have the numbness all the time. Its why I hate this machine. I stretch my calves all the time too because I have feet problems from over walking.

-STINA- Posts: 729
10/27/09 2:12 A

Stretch your calves more often! I haven't had the numb/tingling on elliptical since I have really started taking care of stretching my hamstrings and calves daily.

CYNNANE Posts: 567
10/26/09 10:00 P

Well this made me feel a little better. My toes go numb as well, and I just thought it was my weird body. As others said, I shift my weight of switch to a different machine to wake the toes up.

C_ANEMONE Posts: 838
10/26/09 8:56 P

This happens to almost everyone. Whenever you start to feel the numbness, switch to going backwards until the feeling comes totally back. This way, you'll work different muscles, too!

CAROLYN1213 Posts: 5,202
10/26/09 8:14 P

Hmmmmm . . . I thought I was the only one!!! Thanks for the link to the article! Very helpful!

Fitness Minutes: (6,291)
Posts: 517
10/26/09 8:00 P

Thought I was the only one. Found this link...

VANESSAM7 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/26/09 4:35 P

It happens to me too. I find wiggling my toes, rotating my ankles help, but the best thing is to push my foot as forward as possible, so my toes are hanging off the edge 30 of no weight on my toes and it goes away. It looks awkward and I couldn't do it for long periods, but 30 seconds every 10 minutes helps me keep going for an hour.

URNIGHTNURSE SparkPoints: (33)
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10/26/09 4:17 P

I thought i was the only one that happened to; so thank you for the info.

BSMORAN Posts: 21
10/26/09 4:04 P

This happens to me just about any time i'm working out where I put pressure on the front of my foot. I went to the doctor and he said I have a very high arch. What happens is the foot is overcompensating and all of the pressure is being placed on the outside of my foot, hence the last three toes of my feet go numb. I was told to use an arch support, but I don't find that it helps at all. I still haven't found a solution.

RUTHIP SparkPoints: (0)
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10/26/09 11:51 A

This was happening to me as well. I found that it helps when I make sure to rotate my shoes every day (I have two pair in slightly different styles).

I actually find it's worse for me on a recumbent bike, regardless of which shoes I'm wearing.

CHANCETOFLY Posts: 5,957
10/23/09 2:34 P

yep, it happens to me too, if i'm on it for more than 30 minutes! read in a magazine that it's pretty common :)

SIRCATNIP1 Posts: 367
10/23/09 2:28 P

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I thought I was the only person that this happened to.

SLFRISBEY SparkPoints: (11,927)
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10/23/09 2:16 P

When I recently bought new running shoes, I asked why that happens and the guy working with me said it is because on the elliptical we aren't lifting our feet off the platforms so something happens to the nerves on the top of the feet. I don't know if it's true but it seems possible! When my feet start going numb, I lift my feet off the peddle and try to get the feeling back and that helps.

10/23/09 1:54 P

I get the same thing on the stepper and the elliptical but not on the treadmill. I find if I wiggle my toes and try not to use them so much it makes a difference.

COTEL1 Posts: 377
10/23/09 9:50 A

I use to have that problem also. I got new shoes and started shifting me weight back on my heels, I'd move my toes to wake them up. Now that I've lost weight it doesn't happen anymore or I just got use to shifting my weight back

STNKYPAPER SparkPoints: (0)
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10/23/09 9:42 A

I periodically (and preemptively) shift my weight to my heals. I don't know if that's a good thing or not but it seemed to make the problem go away for me.

VPOLESKI Posts: 1,474
10/23/09 8:08 A

I get the same problem. For me it usually depends on what shoes I am wearing. When I wear shoes with a higher arch this happens. I try to be careful with what shoes I wear to work out in.

SPLDRTTN1 Posts: 573
10/23/09 7:11 A

Same here..Your stressing your toes. I started to step back every so often, I found myself digging my toes in.

MYSECRETBETH SparkPoints: (0)
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10/23/09 6:30 A

I get the same problem, but for me it kicks in around 22 minutes! When it happens, I switch over to the treadmill and I do it at an incline for the rest of my workout. Someone once told me it is cause my your shoes, but it happens to me no matter what shoes I wear.

DELWYNH SparkPoints: (0)
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10/23/09 3:00 A

Im not sure but I know my toes used to go numb in my bike shoes. They didn't feel tight but I thought they must be, so I reduced the sock thickness and no improvement. I recently wore thicker socks because the thins ones hadn't dried and lo and behold - no numb toes. So I now wear thick socks and have no issues!

SIRCATNIP1 Posts: 367
10/23/09 2:14 A

I have these weird thing happen.

After about 40 minutes on an elliptical machine, my toes start feel numb and actually hurt a bit.

I'm usually on the machine for about an hour. After 10 minutes after cool down, the sensation stops. The same thing happened to me in the Army basic training, but at that time, I was CONSTANTLY on my feet all day.

Why does this happen to me?


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