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SUSIE85251 Posts: 156
5/20/10 2:29 A

Sounds like you have an amazing boy and bravo to you for raising him to be compassionate rather than critical!

QUILTINGB52 Posts: 9,750
5/20/10 2:16 A

Ahhh yes, out of the mouth of babes!

Tis amazing what we can accomplish when we have a support team on our side, no matter what the age!

REMLE46 Posts: 35
5/20/10 2:13 A

Your son is a very positive force and he learned it from you probably. When someone belives in you they expect the best so you do your best. I think that was a beautiful story and I no you willgo far and do your best even if they are small steps like we all need to do when we start a fitness routine. You can't go wrong you have the best trainer in the world.

SUE-Z-QUE Posts: 42
5/20/10 2:13 A

Be sure you do -- tell him that is.

DEBRABASSLER1 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/20/10 2:13 A


JETTA025 Posts: 3
5/20/10 2:07 A

What a wonderful support son you have -- how lucky is that. And it sounds like he has an interest in your fitness level. You must have done something right in raising him -- congratulations!

AKATUJE SparkPoints: (32,662)
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Posts: 1,542
5/20/10 2:04 A

Beautiful.....Children are really a blessing...

5/20/10 2:03 A

Sound's like you have such A cool and supportive son! It's so important in every aspect in life to feel like you have someone who will be supportive of you. You and your son sound like really amazing people! Keep truckin chick.

BLOSZOM23 Posts: 1
5/20/10 2:01 A

awww i read your story and it was so inspiring emoticon
you are so blessed to have a son who will be there to motivate you and push you to the limit. I know you are going to achieve your goal because you have such a supportive son emoticon

SWTLDY SparkPoints: (0)
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5/20/10 2:00 A

This is so ironic, because this same type of story happened to me a few weeks ago.

All 3 of my kids (ages 19, 17, and 14) and my grandson (2 1/2) all went to the park. We walked around the track. My kids wanted to jog. ha ha ha ...yeah me jog?? I don't think so. Anyway, they said how about we jog one light pole to another, and then walk one, and jog one. So, I did. I started out jogging one, then almost there, I wanted to give up. My kids told me, "c'mon mom, you can do it. I know you can." So I did. I had the greatest feeling.

I can now jog around half of the track (.75 miles) without stopping. And only because my kids were there to help me through it.

I know exactly how you feel. That is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

USCLOVER22 Posts: 3
5/20/10 1:55 A

Aw, this is too sweet! My son motivates me as I do him. I've lost over 20 lbs and major inches since I started my workouts with diet. Now he's joined me on my workouts too.

5/20/10 1:55 A

Beautiful story.

MELLINA2 Posts: 126
5/20/10 1:54 A

wow that is great we all need someone to push us sometimes just to get the motivation to do more.

PRAIRIECROCUS SparkPoints: (496,552)
Fitness Minutes: (220,000)
Posts: 58,118
5/20/10 1:49 A

Good for both of you !
You both really can do it!

5/20/10 1:48 A

That story brings tears to my eyes. My 14 year old son "encouraged" me to play tennis this evening. It is what he wanted to do with me for Mothers Day. He is on the tennis team at school and I never played a set in my life. We ran (because I was just that bad) and laughed and had a great work out. I can't wait to do it again!!!

CALOKIE Posts: 313
5/20/10 1:46 A

Wonderful story, thank you for sharing and making me smile. Keep up the good work.

5/20/10 1:44 A

Love stories like these. Good for you. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish.

5/20/10 1:44 A

aww bless him you have a great son and well done on doing it

5/20/10 1:42 A

Awww... Your son is so precious! I love your post.

FITITGIRL Posts: 1,112
5/20/10 1:38 A

You have a wonderful son and way to go for not letting him down!

KNITTABLES Posts: 37,117
5/20/10 1:37 A

Your son sound amazing and I know how proud you feel of him. Well done and a great job you did.

5/20/10 1:23 A

He sounds amazing...he also sounds like he wants to keep you around for a while. Tell him how much it meant to you. He'll never forget it. Imagine the impression your change will make in him and how he choses to live his life. You are setting a good example for him and he seems to want your success. What a wonderful thing!

Gwen emoticon

5/20/10 1:21 A

Your post moved ME to tears! What an amazing son you have! Way to go....and way to go for raising such a thoughtful, supportive, caring young man!

SHERELLE72 Posts: 1
5/20/10 1:19 A

When I read your post, I cried for you. What an inspiration your son is!!

You are lucky to have a son like him to support you and he is lucky to have a mum like you.

Keep up the good work! emoticon

FEYCAT Posts: 19
5/20/10 1:15 A

This was an awesome post. Thanks so much for sharing!!

5/20/10 1:08 A

Ny son explained to me how to jog successfully. He watched me flag after jogging 400 metres and said my breathing was letting me down. The way he explained was this. As you jog, count (silently) 1,2,3,4 as you breathe in, and 1,2,3,4 as you breathe out. If you find your breathing getting ragged and losing that rhythm, slow down (still jogging) until you get the rhythm back. It works. The very first time I tried it, I was able to jog 1100 metres. That was almost triple the distance I'd been able to do the day before and the ONLY change was in my breathing.

AGAPEJOY SparkPoints: (120,812)
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Posts: 7,540
5/20/10 1:05 A

Yes, do tell him. And be reminded each time you think you want to quit, that you are doing this for your children also. Your success is their success. They'll have a healthy Mom to do things with.

emoticon emoticon


5/20/10 1:00 A

How cool is that!!

Do tell him. And tell him how proud of him you are that he could be such a good person. He'll probably brush it off but it'll stick underneath, I'll bet.

Congratulations on raising such a great kid.

5/20/10 12:59 A

Thats great, I would love to have someone support and believe in me like that.

LYNNDAK Posts: 114
5/20/10 12:53 A

It is so cool to watch our children grow up into awesome human beings isn't it? Good for you and good for him!

5/20/10 12:48 A

That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring others!

I_AM_WORTHY2010 Posts: 80
5/20/10 12:46 A

aaaaaaaw, that is sweetness beyond words. Sons are such a blessings to moms.....congrats on stretching yourself and your success!

PORTAL1 Posts: 3
5/20/10 12:41 A

That is very good to hear!! this is a very good story well this means that your son wants what's best for you...keep it up!!

1WALKINGMAN Posts: 3,409
5/20/10 12:41 A

emoticon Believe in yourself, your son does. You don't know how far you can go until you go as far as you can. emoticon

CECHONE Posts: 7,029
5/20/10 12:39 A

Aww... That is so sweet!

JENNIFER89156 Posts: 14
5/20/10 12:33 A

What a wonderful story. You are so lucky to have someone who cares about you to push/encourage you like that (you obviously did a great job raising him) :). Also, the pic of your dog reminds me of my lil angel(she loves to run, so it gets me movin). emoticon

4/22/10 6:34 A

What a precious wonderful son!!

AJINMN Posts: 2,863
4/21/10 10:45 A

You all inspire me too! Getting into the habit of exercising and eating right is very hard for me. I have started and stopped many times, but I just keep going back to the beginning.

My family is great and I love the fact that they want to help me get healthier. My hubby has noticed that I'm happier if I exercise so he doesn't complain at all when I take some time in the morning to do a DVD. :)

LMCBUDDY Posts: 365
4/20/10 11:32 A

Aren't our kids the best! They may be little, but sometimes they are smarter than we think. What a great story and what a wonderful kid. My 14 yr old daughter will not work out with me, but she's been my cheerleader.

Enjoy the love :)

and keep up the good work. Every little thing you so brings you one step closer to where you want to be!

CMKOBE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (47,669)
Posts: 155
4/20/10 10:59 A

What your son does is a testament to how you have raised him. I told my kids I wanted them to do a 5k with me and they said NO--we want to stay home with grandma! So you're doing a great job.

4/20/10 10:39 A

You wrote what I was thinking! I started "wogging" with my 18 year old daughter a few weeks ago. Our first time out, we walked for three minutes, then jogged for three, repeating the pattern for 35 minutes. When I wanted to walk, she would look at her watch and tell me we were over half done, or tell me I could do it.

There is something so special about being encouraged by our children! Congratulations on getting out there with them!

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AJINMN Posts: 2,863
4/19/10 2:53 P

Thank you everyone for your well wishes! Both my kids are amazing, fit and active and I want to be fit and active with them. My son starts flag football tonight and got done with basketball a few weeks ago. My daughter (9 3/4) goes to dance once a week. I just want to get to a healthy weight, and if I can lose over 100 lbs. that would be even better!

BTW - I'm the mom :)

4/19/10 12:32 P

Wow!! Your son is amazing!! You know what? You have raised him and taught him and treated him in a way that is incredible!! In fact, you did all the things for him that you should have been doing for yourself at the same time!! Look at your son... the only way he was able to help you like that is because of you!! He just gave you back a small yet very important piece of what you've given him over the years!! Now it's time to treat yourself like you have treated him over the years!! Give yourself a BIG pat on the back while your at it! GREAT JOB MOM!!

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HAPPYSOUL91 SparkPoints: (466,892)
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Posts: 35,791
4/19/10 12:05 P

What a great son and good for you for continuing to do it!

emoticon emoticon

BESTBY40 Posts: 365
4/19/10 11:06 A

I am so happy for you for several reasons - first and foremost, you have a wonderful supportive son!!! Secondly, you did it!!!! I've still got 89.5 pounds to lose on my journey so I know what you're going through - BUT YOU DID IT!!!!

AL_ROX Posts: 2,388
4/19/10 10:47 A


GERAPTIKO Posts: 1,740
4/19/10 7:31 A


CRISPINI SparkPoints: (0)
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4/19/10 7:20 A

hehe that's great.

REALLYHOPIN SparkPoints: (13,170)
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Posts: 1,263
4/18/10 8:28 P

sounds like your son taught you that you can do more than you even considered...

how AWESOME is that!

I'm proud of BOTH of you!

Best of luck on your journey...


AJINMN Posts: 2,863
4/18/10 7:56 P

I was almost in tears today. The kids and I were walking up and down our 1/4 mi. driveway and I decided to jog between the telephone poles. I didn't quite make it and quit because it was "too hard" and I said, "I'm gonna die" in a joking way. Then my 12 year old son said, "Ok, next telephone pole we'll jog to the next one. I know you can do it. You don't think you can, but I know you can. If you say you're going to die you are going to live because of doing this." So, I jogged. When we were getting close he said, "Almost there! Almost there!" When I did it I almost cried because he supported me like that. He is amazing. I even called him "Jillian 'the devil' Michaels". I also learned that I pushed myself because of him and because he believed in me and I didn't want to let him down. He helped me believe in myself too. I'm going to tell him that.

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