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11/14/11 12:56 P

Well Hey!
I'm sure you've faced some difficult things in your life, and survived. We don't get to be this age by crawling in the closet and giving up!!

How about you try some simple things, to get you back into it? 8 cups of water a day. 2 servings of vegetables. 1 piece of fruit. Skip the chips and eat a salad. Take a walk around the block, or out to the mailbox. Pick something (or 2 or 3 little somethings) that you're fairly confident you can do, and DO them. You need to get a few "GO ME!!"s under your belt.

You've got one GO ME!! already, for posting your frustrations here, and reaching out for help. Maybe you're hungry all the time because you're choosing foods high in calories (chips, soda, cookies) but low in all the nutrients that keep us feeling satisfied longer. Like large servings of low starch vegetables. I know I had a problem with hunger until I took a hard look at my choices and realized I needed to ditch some stuff & pick some better food.

What you did or did not do last week does not matter. Let it go, and focus on what you're going to do TODAY. Just for today, you can make some better choices. We don't fail until we quit trying.

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11/14/11 12:52 P

The first thing I want to say - you have failed nobody. It sounds like you are going through a tough time, and you don't need the added burden of believing everybody is judging you! I'm sure they are all very supportive, and are in fact secretly cheering you on! There a bunch of articles on SP about eating a depression-friendly diet, check some of those out. Remember that every day is a brand new day! So the last couple of weeks were bad. Me too! For a month I just couldn't stop myself eating and didn't have the willpower to workout. I put on 10lbs or so in just three weeks. But this last week? I told myself it didn't matter and to take each day as it comes. I've just had my weekly weigh in, and I lost three pounds. If I can do it, you can do it.

If you're hungry all the time, try more filling foods (there's plenty of articles about that too!) and if you're used to big portion sizes, bring them down slowly; your body will adjust without you even noticing.

But most of all, remember that we are all here for you! We will all be cheering you on, celebrating your successes and helping you through your setbacks. Feel free to add me as a sparkfriend, and I'll do my best to help you to the full extent of my abilities. You are in control of your own life, and no matter how hard it seems sometimes, you can do whatever you put your mind to.

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11/14/11 11:23 A

I have truly failed the last couple of weeks! I attended a family re-union and just went crazy for all the food. I hated myself with every bite but I couldn't stop. I feel like everyone around me is judging me as a failure now and they don't believe I can do it. It is effecting my mental health as I have PTSD and severe depression, which I am being treated for. I am trying to get back in the loop on my diet but it just seems like I don't have the willpower anymore. I am just so hungry all the time. Just feel like what's the use of trying sometimes! You would think a 53 year old man that is a retired Prison Warden would have plenty of self discipline, but I don't anymore! I just can't seem to get it together!!!!!!! emoticon

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