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4/17/13 9:10 A



I FINALLY, FINALLY have lost 2lbs now!!!!!

I am starting back on the track... took me to start being faithful to my tracker again and to really track things...

I really think that is the key.. I know what I did, I have gotten sloppy at keeping track of what I eat.. WIll I EVER be done with keeping track?? LOL this truly is a life changing thing..
It is a detrimental tool that I must have to get to goal and I will en-grain it in my life like I do other things.

I am just thankful for phone apps that will allow me to keep me there and THANK GOD for bar scanners to just bring in the food I need LOL


3 more lbs and I will have broken a HUGE, HUGE weight goal.. I have always dreamed of being under this 220 and I dream of what it will be like when I hit below 200... this will happen I just feel it! I am soo close, there is no giving up now!

My next goal is to break 3lbs because my body always hangs there ....

I am 4 lbs from this goal!


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4/10/13 11:19 A

My plateau is still plaguing me LOL

I have not gained nor lost.. No inches lost... just the same..

I will beat this, I will, I will! When I do this is not one of my easier plateaus, I know it once I get over this, everything will be an easy loss from here till goal...

This is my hardest plateau since I am less than 20lbs from goal!

Keep on trucking!

I am starting to be picky about whats going in my mouth now.. I found out the last few days, my tracking has been naughty LOLOL

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4/5/13 9:19 A

Plateau day 2..

I have found my culprit of why I haven't broken my plateau, it was because I stopped tracking my foods... and here I thought I was doing so good and I could go without tracking everything just because I knew what to eat and how much..

Tracking your food is just like your money budget.. you think your doing good until when.......

What an detrimental way to kill things esp. your diet... but what I have noticed and it was a lightbulb moment for me...

The things I tend to forget are the "little snacks" I tend to sneak throughout the day just because I am snacky... they may be veggies or fruits or a quick PB toast, but they still are calories... and I tried to catch my food diary up for the last week, but you know what? I can't remember what I ate three days ago for meals or snacks...

I can remember songs from the 70's word for word, but I can't remember what I ate?! HA!

Ok then, the work outs have been hard to get to the gym 2x a day, so instead of 4 days.. that worked 2x.. but now I just upped it to 1 a day 5 days a week leaving the weekends to do fun activities with my fiance. That way we are active all the time.. Wed and Fri were my bad days of even getting to the gym, so I swapped it out and went in the AM instead... kinda nice to make that break up change for once..

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/4/13 12:11 P

Urrrghhh it hits again! A plateau and how frustrating this can be..

It seems I get to 220-225 and all of a sudden my body decides hey, your done!! STOP!
UMMM no body, I need to keep going! My goal is to loose 20lbs before my wedding in june, I know I can do this, so these are the steps I have done to break this, because I am determined to win.. its like fighting against my own body hahahahaa

Ok for those that have been there done that, this is my second plateau, but the first one was so easy to break it.. took a few days and poof I was down again for a while...6 months later, here I am again..

This plateau has been plaguing me now for the last few months.
Over the next few weeks this is my plan... I would LOVE to have you all ring in for those that broke their hardest plateaus.. maybe you can motivate me and give me fresh ideas?

My work out has increased, (usually I just go 4x a week,) I am a very big zumba addict and have lost 45lbs just for that alone.. my top weight was 275... but now I now go 2x a day 5 days a week..
I have added and changed my weight strength training, plus making sure I get outside walking with my fiance..

As for the food, these are my plans.. Up my protein by adding more eggs to my diet, up my fiber by adding flax seed and extra fruits and veggies..Def. upping my water making sure I drink a glass every hour and extras before, during work outs..

I work really hard in trying to keep away from processed and GMO foods and eat real meals, real foods, with all the crap in today's food, I am very picky about that, but I just brought a bread machine, so hopefully I can make some very healthy bread with the flax seed and oatmeal.

I am sure I am forgetting something, but I feel I must journal this because it is my accountability.. I know everyone hits there plateaus and they can be beat.. I just really need to push myself this time and not let the plateau win because it won't, I am so close to goal ..

My goal is loosing 20lbs before June and then be at total goal of 170 by Sept/Oct

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