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7/15/11 3:04 P

that really sucks but stick up for yourself! yes the goal she gave wasn't horrible but she should have said i think it would be best if you lose 10 lbs first i'll even help you this way i wont pay so much for alterations later! but the way she said it seems so rude! don't feel bad about limiting their guest list.. because to be honest it's supposed to be your and your fiance's guest list! good luck!

7/14/11 10:16 A

I quite agree with SCTK519 - find a way to buy it yourself. She sounds like she was kind of dreadful to grow up with, like a helicopter parent that knew about the grades you were bringing home before you did.

This is supposed to be about you - don't let them take that away from you!

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7/13/11 10:23 P

I'd give some thought to buying the dress yourself. It takes the power away from your mother. You're an adult; she can't dictate to you if and when you lose weight, both in principle and theory. And as mentioned there is a timeline with the dress, you can just wait till the last minute. Buy the dress and tell her she can pay for the alterations at 10 lbs instead if you'd like. But don't let her control you.

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7/13/11 4:46 P

that stinks.a mom told me I couldnt have as many people at the wedding as I had originally planned.she acted like she was paying for it all which she isnt.

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7/13/11 2:54 P

My mom told me last night that she isn't going to buy my dress until I lose 10lbs. I get it mom, I'm overweight, way to rub it in. I'm 6lbs away from this "mini-goal" that has been forced upon me, so it's not totally unreasonable, but still, it's the principal of the thing. The big day is a little under 9 months away, and it takes 6 to get the dress in, allowing 1 month for alterations, I have less than 2 months to lose 6lbs. This is very doable, just irritating. She really knows how to light a fire under my butt, I give her that. Oh, and my parents are NOT paying for the entire wedding, just the dress, cake, and booze. Which is great, don't get me wrong, but their reason is that they "paid for college"....lots of parents pay for college and still pay for the wedding, it's tradition. Plus, I'm an only child, so that's got to count for something. Oh, and she and my dad want to tack on 40!!! of their friends to the guest list. At $25 a head, that's a little much, and since they're not paying for it, I'm going to have to come up with a way to nicely give them a limit of 20. If they were paying for it, no big deal, since it's coming out of my pocket, no way. She's also trying to micro-manage my planning, which is irritating to say the least. I have a vision, and since I'm paying for it, it will continue to be JUST MY vision, not hers.

Is anyone else having issues with their mother in their wedding planning?

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