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ALECIA0823 Posts: 446
6/5/11 11:42 P

I would definitely use a slow cooker a lot if you have one available. Also, try to serve as many cold dishes as you can, salads, fresh fruit and veggies, etc.

UNDAALBA Posts: 60
6/4/11 9:01 A

stremfresh vegetables and rice- mix in some canned chicken and some soy sauce. or use some canned chicken, warm it up in the microwave, pour some buffalo sauce on it, lots of lettuce and wrap it up in a tortilla.

6/1/11 10:03 A

my kitchen is the same. I have been using the slow cooker because everything can go in together. I cant wait until it is over and I have my kitchen back because I love cooking.

HEALTHYJ29 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/28/11 5:02 A

Chicken breasts and fish can be made in the toaster oven You can brush some honey mustard or quick seasonings on it
Other microwave items veggie burgers,brown rice cups,soup,pita pizzas,chili,oatmeal,scrambled eggs,sweet potato or regular
Sandwich and salad fixings tuna,deli turkey,hummus,nut butter

LHUFFMAN615 SparkPoints: (1,335)
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5/26/11 3:57 P

My kitchen is in a state of demolition and construction. Actually the whole house is in phases of construction and I'm trying to survive living in the middle of all the work.
My question is this. While most of my appliances, cookware and utensils are boxed up. Cooking is near impossible for me right now. I have a microwave, a hot plate, & a toaster oven to cook with, about a 1 foot square area to prepare food on, and a mini-fridge to store my food in. I need HELP!!! Do you have some easy, quick, healthy recipes to get me through this choas? And suggestions on how to live through this? I'm feeling a bit clostraphobic? Lisa

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