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12/8/10 9:39 A

Maybe momma forgets to buy cereal that week...

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12/8/10 6:24 A

every child is different I have 3 who are 8, 5 and 2. My five year old is a petite child and has at times had one bite of a cupcake and said that was great, but I am full. She frequently eats another meal after dinner when she is growing because she doesn't have the capacity to eat large meals. She never has. I think you have to understand each child, their eating patterns etc. (all three of my kids on differnt occaisions have missed dinner ony to be awake at 3am needing to eat) I don't really understand the NO eating after dinner rules. Are those your rules, the rules you lived by growing up, or rules that you are instituting because of your own poor nutritional habits that have you trying to change your life now? I definitely have my own issues with poor food choices and overeating which is why I am participating in spark people. However, children are different ad have different nutritional need especially when they are growing. All of my children are required to sit at the family table for dinner. They do not have to eat if they are not hungry, but they know the same food will be available to them later. Also I do the same as another person who wrote in and allow them to choose from leftovers, cheese and crackers, fruit, yogurt or cerealif they tried the meal and truly didn't care for it. Does anyone like every food they prepare?

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12/7/10 7:37 P

How frustrating!! I tell my girl that there is NO eating after dinner. If she doesn't eat all of her dinner, then she's out of luck! Maybe you should start buying regular cheerios! They aren't sweet :)

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12/6/10 1:55 A

When we decided to eat healhty we stopped the cookies, chips, ice cream buying and always had veggies, fruits from the produce not can on our grocery list

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12/5/10 10:50 P

Here's my 2 cents. I cooked dinner for the family. If my kids truly didn't like it, then they could fix themselves something for dinner. Soup, leftovers, cheese and crackers with a little bit of fruit and, yes, cereal. But they could only do that when they didn't like what I cooked, not when they didn't feel like eating what I cooked. By the way, my kids are all in their 20's and are successful, happy adults who eat healthy diets. Make your battles worthy in the long run.

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12/5/10 9:45 P

I find some of the comments utterly ridiculous. Cereal's not a good or bad food. It is a food. We have cereal in our house and one child wouldn't live without it. We have oatmeal squares, quaker oats, cheerios, frosted mini wheats, kashi cereal. As far as children who need to eat after dinner, some do, some don't. Rena, would you like to come to my house at 3am when the child who missed dinner is up and wants to eat? (if the child isn't hungry, doesn't care for the food is forcing them to eat really a good idea?, wrap the plate and save it for later) I would rather be sleeping. Alternative snacks I can live with include triscuits, no sugar added (unlike yogurt and granola bars), cheese, although we have yogurt and granola bars in the house.....isn't the point to try new foods and everything in moderation? You will do what you need to when you need to do it. We are all just moms, and unless there is a PhD in child psychology writing in, take it all with a grain of salt.....militant parenting was trending in the past century. make rules you can live with...

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12/3/10 3:45 P

Okay I'm gonna go against the common thought here and say that if your children aren't overweight, eat nutritionally sound foods most of the time and they are in good health-what's the harm in them having a little cereal before bed. There are a lot worse things they could be eating. (cupcakes, chips, ice cream) Just limit the serving size and let it be a treat. Of course I know we'd rather them eat up those healthy leftovers but really do you even want those leftovers ALL of the time?? emoticon

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9/30/10 8:11 A

When my husband lost weight a couple of years ago we got rid of the ice cream, cookies and cake in the house. We do have 'healthy' cereal. Sometimes we have that as a desert in a small bowl. Sorry, does not support your house rules, but if they did not have desert, then a bowl of healthy cereal with milk can't be all that bad . . . better than cookies.

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9/27/10 6:33 P

OK so I wasn't going to respond to this post as my son is only 2 months old but then the last post made me change my mind...

I never had a bed lunch as a rule...maybe twice in my life as a child...we just couldn't afford it. If we used milk for cereal at night we had none for breakfast in the morning...same with bread for toast.

So to me it is a foreign concept to eat after supper...but if your kids enjoy a snack and you are ok with it then buy Cheerios or something not super sweet or bad for them. If the problem is leftovers in general then do like we do here and have leftover night where they get a choice of which leftover they want for supper that night...saves from cooking too.

And RENA's post was not saying your kids were disrespectful but saying that's where it will lead if you allow them to dictate what you buy and what they eat when.

And FABOOMAMA's post is uncalled for and unjustified...I guess it is a matter of interpretation but I have read and re-read and re-re-read these responses and I see no one judging or criticizing...but then again I usually try not to read responses with a negative tone in my head makes all the difference.

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9/26/10 12:39 P

I totally understand! We had to make a rule that no one gets desert on school nights. If my boys want something they are given the choice of fruits or veggies. It's a fight at times but it works for us.

You know, a lot of these posts are extremely judgmental. Do what you think is right for your family. If you want to give them cereal, give it to them. I'm sorry, but I hate it when other mom's try to bully me about my children! It's really terrible that some people on here feel it's ok to criticize instead of advice. Sorry, I replied then went back to read the other posts and it got me fired up. Just remember you are your family's decision maker. Good luck!

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9/26/10 11:02 A

How did my complaining about my kids not eating what I make go into them disrespecting me? Cos they dont. They have the fear of God in me and my husband. They know not to act up or misbehave ANY-where. Food is the only issue I have with them.
I am the parent.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
9/26/10 4:38 A

Your the mom in the house- kids don't rule the house. It is a one offer deal or go to bed hungry- my doctor doesn't know any kids in the western world whom suffered being spoken against..
If they take a tantrum fit- do it in your own bedroom thanks and the next meal is tomorrow morning good night..
Don't let kids decide what they will and won't eat- thats why you have the title mom- you are there to teach them right from wrong- parenting is tough!

I have ADHD kids they would out class you in a second- so don't dear mom rules in my home so they are not disrespectful at school or summer camp..

My kids are scared if they play up- it will be reported back to me.. A month ban of using a computer or telephone gives them more respect than giving in..

I think of SuperNanny and all the crap she has to help families correct... Be the parent- take these conflicts before the kids get to old to control..

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9/24/10 4:27 P

In my house it is cheese and apple juice. My son will eat dinner but then snacks at 10. Sometimes he snacks after I go to bed.

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9/23/10 11:19 P

Truthfully you guys are right. I pay money for them to eat breakfast and lunch at school. So why do I have cereal in the house??? That stuff is expensive for being as good for you as sugared cardboard. LOL. New shopping habits will soon be taking effect. I do need to get them more involved in meal planning. They are 10, 8 and 2. Not that the 2 year old will have much input but he usually goes with what ever his older 2 brothers are doing. They LOVE processed foods and those are now a thing of the past here. They love fruit so I have no complaints there.
I have to make a effort to plan my meals better as well.

BRISHELL95 Posts: 195
9/23/10 10:44 A

I'm afraid that I agree with most of the other posts. Stop having the cereal in the house altogether. Our girls are used to having fruit, yogurt, granola bars, etc. instead of junk. They will quickly come around.

9/22/10 8:37 P

why let 'em?

if they are non-adult kids, it's dinner or nothing.
if they are adult kids, i'd stop cooking for 'em.

MICA1971 Posts: 33
9/22/10 3:10 P

My kids were getting into the habit of having cereal at all times of the day this summer. We do not "stock" any sweetened cereals anyway, but they were using it as snack food, not breakfast. So, we had a little chat about cereal being a morning only food and that it could not be eaten through the day if a person is above early toddlerhood. They seem to take it to heart and after a couple of days stopped asking if they could get around the rule.

Now, for the much more difficult task of getting them to eat what they should eat for lunch and dinner... The most successful strategy we have come up with is to get the kids involved in the meal planning and the prep. Once they feel more invested in their food and their choices, they tend to eat more. My girls, who are 8.5 and 6, really got into the what is healthy and what is less healthy and why. They also get that info in school, so they now like to talk about what they eat and why. Our two year old is the pickiest, but he is also in that stage when they do that. He does go along generally with his sisters' recommendations, though. There are still moments of struggle, but it does work.

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
9/22/10 2:32 A

We don't have cereal in our house. Mot of it isn't very healthy, and even the 'healthier' stuff is still mostly sugar since it has no protein, no good fat, etc.

We keep other sweet things in the house that they can snack on at night, like various fruits. My kids really like berries with cream, or plain yogurt with berries or frozen fruit and a bit of vanilla extract mixed in. If it isn't quite sweet enough I add a touch of honey.

At first they were upset about the lack of cereal, but now they deal with it.

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
9/20/10 10:26 A

How old are your kids??? when they are young, you are in charge of what they eat- you do the shopping and preparing- it is much easier to control then when they are out and have the means to buy something for themselves.

JULESCP Posts: 1,375
9/19/10 2:49 P

I don't know how old your kids are, but if you're responsible for buying the groceries, then you're responsible for what they eat. I know that sounds harsh, but you're the parent. You get to set and enforce the food guidelines in your home. If you want them to eat healthy, then that's up to you to either eliminate all the unhealthy food in the house, or let them go hungry! They'll come around. My kids, ages 13 & 7, balked at the healthy food changes I made. Now they love it - it's what we have for dinner and if you don't like it, you can not eat. That's always my bottom line.

You can set an example and enforce the example. They can make their own food choices when they leave the house.

65TARGET Posts: 303
9/19/10 11:49 A

Oh, if only I could let you FEEL how I UNDERSTAND you! It's the same here... it feels like only us are caring for both health of the family and not throwing away perfectly good food!

MAMAELF99 SparkPoints: (18,041)
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9/15/10 8:35 P

I make a healthy dinner that is also filling and come 8 oclock what do they want....cereal. Its the only sweet we have in the house so I see why they want it. But it makes me so mad. There are usually left overs from dinner. Can they eat that??? NO!!! I know I am the only one that eats leftovers in my house. ITs killing me that I make an effort to make them a healthy dinner and all they want is crap.

I had to vent. Sorry
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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