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7/24/13 8:53 A

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Thanks. Supreme 90 day is a video series like P90X and insanity but a lot less intense I've been told and less expensive ($20). Different DVD's with recommended rest days. I've been through each DVD once and really do like the work outs and variety - I don't like cardio (have trouble breathing) so I'm glad there is really only one day of cardio and I actually got through it without feeling like I was going to faint. Not sure why before I haven't been able to stick with it other than just letting life get in the way and not wanting to get out of bed. Making it a priority and having someone doing it with me this time is going to be the big difference.

I hope your journey is going well. Love Sparkpeople as it helps me be accountable if I'd just use it all the time. We are definitely not alone in our journeys.

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7/23/13 9:49 P

Good luck! What is "Supreme 90 day"? Is it a video series, like a P90X or Insanity type of program? I tried P90X once, and like you, I could not maintain it for the whole time. But I still like to revisit the workouts every once in a while.

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7/23/13 8:18 A

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Here I am once again - where I told myself for at least the third time in my life that I wouldn't let the scale reach again. It seems unfair that it is so easy to gain the weight but so difficult to lose and keep off. I know from my history that I can lose weight by diet and exercise yet I tend to let life get in the way. This time I am really shooting for a lifestyle change where exercise is a part of my everyday life and making better eating decisions will just come naturally.

Started Supreme 90 day again yesterday and this time I am determined to make it past day 7 (I've been determined before and got distracted). Just doing the workout part and not the recommended supplements and diet (I'm not on a diet but on a better way of eating).

I want to once again look in the mirror and like what I see and feel good about my body. It is very important that I take time to do this for me but it is wonderful to have someone that is supporting my efforts by working out with me.

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