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3/13/14 10:12 A


All you had to do is find out what exercise floats your boat or what makes you happy. I'm an ultra distance cyclist that had a year off because of an belly button surgery. My GF pushes me out the doors sometimes as she knows I will feel better when I return from the workout. I joined Planet Fitness about 2 months ago to get fit again so when cycling season returns here to the tundra land of Pa. I'm ready to hit the ground cycling. She recently joined Planet Fitness also and has her entire family working out too. It works better when both are involved in an exercise program, a healthy lifestyle and or healthy eating.

Good luck on your journey

DEFFUZZ Posts: 26
3/13/14 8:34 A

I tried running and was doing it for about 6 months and then had to face that I freaking hated it and stopped. I envy runners, to be honest. I'm happy my husband is healthy and probably always will be, but I envy him.

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3/13/14 6:25 A

Everyone doesn't have to exercise the same. Maybe she could ride a bike alongside him while he is running. May be she could backpack, hike etc. or find some other sport to enjoy together. The fact that she is doing something is a plus.

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3/13/14 5:44 A

Once you're in love with running, it doesn't require dedication so much. :) It's love!

//Until you hit a hard time like injury, then you have to work to sustain the relationship until your fitness gets back to the point where you remember why you fell in love to begin with.

With all my running, my ex husband was never motivated to run or even workout. Though he did do a 5K after we divorced. D'oh!

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3/11/14 11:07 P


If you get the natural high every time you exercise or get endorphins flowing it comes very easily. I glad to say that I do and so exercising comes real easy for me.

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3/10/14 10:47 P

Watching my husband run his first marathon last October definitely gave me that final little push I needed to decide to run my first this October. Up to now, my longest distance is a half, but he has really inspired me to get to the next level.

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3/10/14 6:18 P

I'm the marathon runner in the family. My husband runs up to 10K. I can't ever say that me running 20 miles has ever inspired him to run more..he's just like, "I could never do that."

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3/10/14 5:57 P

If you want to be motivated to get in shape, marry a marathon runner. emoticon

My husband is in training mood for a marathon next month and ran 20 miles yesterday. After he left, there was no way I could stay on the couch.

But--I wish I had his dedication to fitness!!

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