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6/11/14 5:12 P

If you already have a smartphone, you might look for a heart rate monitor app to use just after an exercise (although newer ones might work during). I have one by Azumio on my iphone, it had good reviews. You put your finger over the camera lens for the measurement. It keeps track of different measurements and you can make notes about what you were doing etc.

I wonder if the kiddo could get used to dad putting him to bed if you did it together for a while? He's got two parents, use it... If you're ever unable to be there for any reason (illness, for example), being comfortable with dad would reduce the stress on the little guy. Or just wait it out, he should get more flexible with age. But still it's good insurance to get dad involved in all aspects of taking care of him. Good for dad, too, although he might not realize it.

MIAMUSE Posts: 401
6/11/14 4:41 P

Running in place uses calories if you look at the spark fitness statistics. I run in place during commercials - makes me get up (sitting kills) and you'd be suprised how many steps you get in all those commercials. Often I use it to get those last steps to hit 10,000.

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6/11/14 3:21 P

As a mom who once had an infant that would NOT accept care from others (dad included), don't make it your hubby's fault that baby does what he/she does.
(And I've raised 3 to adulthood, and they are all "functional" adults. Every baby is different. Be patient. It WILL get easier.)

* If you are considering running in place, what about jump rope? That is GREAT exercise. Or how about a mini-trampoline? 15 min of rebounding, spread throughout the day can be GREAT exercise!
(Check craigslist for a used one at a cheaper price. OR we got ours at Big5 w/ a coupon from the Entertainment Bk for under $30.)

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
6/11/14 10:48 A

Running in place is super boring. Check you tube, there are plenty of interesting walk/ jog in place videos that will get your heart rate up and are not boring.

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6/10/14 7:32 A

Don't worry about what hubby is the way...what exercises are the hubby doing? Maybe you can find a buddy close by that is willing to watch your little buddy while you go to the gym or what ever exercises you want to do and you can do the same for her. Most YMCA's have child care while you work out.
Your son would benefit learning from the hubby putting him down to sleep. Its not just your job! You need some down time to spend how YOU want to spend it. From the sounds of it you want to spend it doing something healthy, something that benefits you in so many ways.

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6/10/14 6:46 A

He is wrong!!!!

JASONV8 Posts: 805
6/10/14 5:42 A

I don't know what his reasons are for saying that, but of course it will be effective. I say not only effective, but greatly effective as you are slightly jumping with every step. That is moving your entire weight in motion which there is nothing more exhausting than this sort of exercise, squats under your own weight is another and pushups, but right of the n]back you will not be able to do it nearly for as long as you would be able to run in place. I will only suggest adding walking, and the other things I mentioned, and didn't squats, lunges forward & backward, pushups every so often to add more effectiveness, and variety to what you are doing. Stay motivated.

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6/7/14 7:15 A

If you would like to check to make sure your heart rate is up and can't grab a HRM yet just check it manually every 5 minutes and write it down. If you don't know how to check your HR manually look up a video on YouTube. I honestly can't explain it very well. But that could be an alternative. You could take all your heart rates and average them together and it is a cheap way to make sure your HR is staying up! You can also find calculators online that will tell you how many calories you have burned when you type in the length of the activity and your average and resting HR. Don't forget to take your resting HR so you can determine your 'zones'.

Running in place is definitely better than nothing! Maybe if the little guy is staying up with you at night you could wear him out by having him run in place, too. If he's interested anyways. My mom used to do that to me and all I remember is falling asleep about half way through.

Also, if it gets boring you can listen to music or put on the scenery like from Bike Oregon. I use that through my laptop on my TV and get to 'bike through Oregon'. It's pretty neat and helps prevent the boredom. Or you could watch a show. I'm too easily distracted and clumsy for that one, though emoticon

SHOOTINGSTAR12 SparkPoints: (30,873)
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6/7/14 5:38 A

I can't run because of knee surgery so I walk a few miles every day. I think it would be a good idea if your husband could watch the baby while you give yourself some free time.

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6/7/14 1:02 A

I can't run, but you can do walk in place pretty fast if desired. I walk in place while watching tv or reading on my computer or phone or playing video games or talking on the phone or dangling a string in front of a cat. No boredom here. (I have almost two million coins earned in Tetris Blitz at level 32 and am up to level 86 in Candy Crush that way....)

WILLS_MUM SparkPoints: (1,709)
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6/5/14 7:34 P

Thanks everyone, I'll have to check out the walking YouTube videos. I can't do most work out videos, well I can do some of the exercises but since my knee still only bends at a 80 degree angle, I can't do any that involve much bend. That's also why I can't do the stepper either. It's really difficult for me to walk up and down stairs with that small a bend.
My husband would stay with him but by the time my husband gets home from work the gym is only open for another hour and a half (usually the time I'm trying to get my little guy to bed and he gets really upset when it's not mommy who puts him to sleep).
But I'll try to look at those walking videos and we can't afford a heart rate monitor but I'll try hard to get my heart rate up on nights I can't go

SLYSAM SparkPoints: (43,184)
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6/5/14 2:39 P

Running in place does count as activity. For aerobic exercise, the standard is how high ir gets your heart rate and breathing and the effort. You get whatever you put into it whether it is on a machine or just out in the world (including on the spot in your home). The problem, in my opinion, is boredom but I admit I get that on cardio machines too. Which is mainly why I prefer to dance, take classes, follow dvds, or exercise outside as opposed to machines or on the spot jogging. I have an aerobic step and sometimes step up and down it while watching TV and it is just as effective as a machine for the same intensity (machines do make it easier to increase intensity by adding resistance, for non machine movements you need to move faster or do harder movements to up the intensity).

I agree Youtube has some great options if you want something like jogging in place but that mixes it up a bit. In addition to Leslie Sansone (who also has very popular indoor walkig dvds), you might want to check out Jessica Smith on YouTube (she has about 20 indoor walking workouts including some that mix in jogging). I like her workouts a little better than Leslie's for me because some of her walking workouts incorporate some dance movements. Another good one for variety is Keaira LaShae's channel "Super Hero Fitness"--I believe she is also a dancer/pop singer (from her bio) and some of her walking cardio workouts incorporate some hip hop and club type dancing as well as walking. Links: and>

They both have non-walking workouts too if you want to mix things up even more while your child is asleep.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,294
6/5/14 12:23 P

Well... since you have a computer-- youtube! Tons of Leslie Sansone stuff on there, plus other cardio, even chair exercises. AND there are videos right here on Spark, too.

I'd have to agree though that your little guy's dad 1) could certainly watch him for an hour or so while you go to the gym, and 2) doesn't really know what he's talking about, when it comes to exercise. While running in place would get pretty boring pretty quick, it is indeed better than not doing anything at all. Or... since your little guy's staying up later these days and it's also staying lighter longer in the evenings til the sun sets.... how about putting him in a stroller (don't know how old he is) and going for a brisk walk in the neighborhood? Walking doesn't get your heart rate up enough? Find a hilly route, strap on a backpack with some weights in it (I wrap them in a towel, to cushion them some -- if you don't have any weights, use canned goods or some hardback books). And then I walk as though I was late to a movie I really want to see. Really fast walking.

BONNIEMCC488 Posts: 6,800
6/5/14 12:06 P

I like what Russel_40 said, leave him with his dad for an hour or have him buy you a work out DVD that you can do in the living room... I really liked Biggest Loser Cardio Max because it has a good hard 20 minute workout and two additional levels of 10 minutes each that you can add on when you're ready, and it should be really cheap to buy now because it's at least 5+ years old. Also, Leslie Sansone walk away the pounds DVDs are absolutely wonderful, and it's not just walking, there are kicks, leg lifts, etc. as well.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
6/4/14 10:27 P

One option to turn walking in place into an excellent workout is to do step-ups. Either on regular stairs, or get yourself a cheap exercise stepper.

Step-ups are my go-to exercise when the weather prevents me from exercising outside. Vigorous step-ups in particular really get your heart rate up and the intensity helps avoid the boredom factor. Seriously, 10 minutes of vigorous step-ups and I am spent.

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
6/4/14 9:32 P

Why don't you just leave the little one with your husband for one hour, and walk around the block for an hour.

Take a cell phone in case an emergency arises that SuperDad can't handle. Plus you are less than 5 minutes away, this way. That's why there are 2 parents. Either that, or have him run out and get you an exercise DVD, so you can do a light workout in the living room, with the child.

I doubt I would make it 5 minutes running in place. That sounds incredibly boring. Still any exercise is better than none.

MTN_KITTEN SparkPoints: (145,815)
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6/4/14 8:48 P

My BFF dances every day in her living room and is losing weight. As long as your heart rate is up ... go for it. Get Hubby to do it with you!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (196,863)
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6/4/14 8:45 P

as long as your heart rate is up and you don't die of boredom.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,423
6/4/14 8:02 P

It will be fine, as long as you can get that heart rate up!

WILLS_MUM SparkPoints: (1,709)
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6/4/14 7:47 P

So the only time I'm able to go to the gym is after my little guy goes to bed, which I was doing good, but now my little guy has been staying up until really late and I haven't worked out for six days. Because of a knee surgery I had I can't do a lot at the gym but always do an hour on the treadmill. I was going to just run in place for an hour tonight since once again my little guy is up later then the gym but my husband tells me it won't even be close to the workout on the treadmill. I know I won't have the "hills" that I have on the treadmill but I would think it would be a lot better then nothing wouldn't it? I would think running in place for an hour would still be an OK workout wouldn't it?

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