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6/28/12 12:36 P

You got that right Luann. LOL My wife also has had a tough time understanding how serious I am about my plan. But with my losing 25 lbs in 4.5 months, and my constantly telling her NO, she is coming around.

She now keeps track of what she puts in dishes she makes, or I won't eat them. She does NOT just bring me something to eat when she is having one, because she will just have to put it back after it sits on the coffee table a couple hours. She is now looking for the weight watchers menu for both of us. She is learning, but it was not an over night success. I had to show her I was serious and I did NOT bend.

So Luann is totally correct. Unless he is force-feeding you, he is NOT sabotaging you, he is just not believing you are serious when you happily accept his gifts of food. Keep the Faith, and he will eventually see you do and abide by it.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,754
6/24/12 2:05 P

Unless your husband is force-feeding you, HE is not the issue.
YOU are in control of what you eat, right?

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6/24/12 12:39 P

My husband is the same way. My children are the same way.

It's only day 3 for me, but starting with the daughter (13 and an ex-gymnast) I have shown her the program and helped to break things down. So last night when I said I was hungry she asked "how many calories do you have"? Not that I want my 13 year old to be counting calories, she was able to see her mom taking control of the situation and it will help her to make good choices too.

It's hard to be the only on in the family with weight issues, but they are mine. I appreciate the effort they have shown, now it's up to me to keep it up.

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6/23/12 6:24 P

You are the only one that can sabotage your plans.

Say "No thank you, honey- but I love that you thought of me" and move on. Have your water and be proud of your strength.

If you eat/drink what he brings you, it is your free will to have it or not. It's not his fault.

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6/23/12 3:24 P

I love my husband to death, he always like to sabotage me. I had to tell stop bringing me pop I will just drink water. That took a while. Now whenever that time of month comes along I have cravings and he get me all my favorites. I can't be mad at him but it would be nice for him to say baby remember you suppose to be eating clean , That will never come out of his mouth. But overall he is good guy. He always tell me I don't want no skinny wife and I am so far from being skinny but he says he me to be thick. I weigh 195 and I want to weigh 150 by December.

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