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1/13/13 3:18 P

DON'T QUIT. You can release a 100 pounds, if you DON'T QUIT. Most people who join Sparks give up and quit. They go back to eating sugar and never get anywhere. Just don't quit.

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1/10/13 6:15 P

Hi there everyone! My name is Becca and I am 24 years old. My goal is to lose 100lbs. I have always been overweight for.. as long as i can remember, and it hasn't been fun. School was tough as bullies were always a big issue for me. Even during regular everyday life I am always constantly thinking others are judging me and that has made me into a really shy person. It was only when I found my soulmate that i realized i really shouldn't care what others thought as long as there was that one person who loved me unconditionally for me :) Now though that I have my husband supporting me and participating in the weight loss I am trying to reshape my self. I know it's silly but i would like to one day have him give me a piggy back ride like i see other couples do all the time. ^_^ (he insists he could do this now as he is really strong.. and although this is probablly true, I know it will be much more comfortable for both of us with the weight gone.)

anyways is day 5 for the both of us and we are starting to get the hang of this. I actually turned down a donut the other day.. Was very proud of myself lol! haven't cheated and have recorded every little thing that we ate. And have stayed on the low end of our calorie range! ^_^ .. anyways i guess thats It.. i just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and let everyone know my goals! Thanks everyone!!

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