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4/14/12 6:38 P

me too but now gown 3

4/14/12 5:15 P

Thanks for the encouragement! I will try to be more patient :) You would think I would have learned this by now. But I have found the older I get the harder it gets to lose the extra pounds !

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4/14/12 5:06 P

Thanks - helpful tips especially about waiting 4 to 8 weeks to notice a difference in weight

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4/14/12 3:50 P

Maybe you pooped less.

As the poster before me mentioned, there are hundreds of things that can affect your weight at any particular moment in time beyond just your recent food and fitness. Trust the process, stick with eating healthily within your calorie range, keep moving, keep getting enough sleep, keep reducing stress, keep taking lots of deep breaths and the weight WILL come off!

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4/14/12 1:53 P

The are several hundred things that can affect your weight in any one particular week, and very few of them have to do with what you ate or the exercise you did. One week's weigh-in is completely meaningless.

Have you been keeping track of your weight all along, even when you weren't trying to control it? If so, and if you're a woman, count back 28 days and compare this week's weight to what it was then. That will let you see whether it's hormonal. For women, it's always a good idea to track weight every 4 weeks instead of (or as well as) every week.

It's also very, very common to "gain" a little water weight when you increase your exercise. Part of the benefit of exercise is that it makes muscles stronger by actually making tiny tears in the fibers that your body repairs with stronger fibers. But part of the repair process includes sending extra water into the muscle (that's why you see swelling when you have a larger injury-- your body uses water/fluid to transport protein and other materials into the area for the repairs.) That water goes away after a week or two.

And you yourself said that you're eating more food, with fewer calories. If you're eating more, and especially if it's higher in fiber, it's taking a little longer to get through you. Some of yesterday's food is still inside your stomach. It's like you got on the scale holding a bag of veggies. That food isn't part of you; you don't actually weigh more, but you're holding something that does.

One week doesn't mean anything. You need to wait at least 4 weeks, preferable 8 weeks, before you can know if you're really gaining or losing.

4/14/12 1:25 P

I'm rather frustrated at this point. I am finally getting back on track after gaining about 10 pounds back. So this week I started eating all my healthy foods again - whole grains, lean meats, fish, lots of veggies. I'm eating fewer calories, although I feel like I've been getting to eat more food, just better. But instead of losing, I gained a pound this week. I stayed within the recommended calories and started walking, so what the heck??

Any encouragement would be welcomed!

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