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8/15/08 3:20 P

Sure am glad to know I'm not the only one! Love all the suggestions! ;)

SEPPIESUSAN Posts: 1,901
8/15/08 2:32 P

Like others have said, this has happened to me when my toes jam against the front of the pedal. In general sometimes I feel like elliptical trainers were designed for someone a little bigger than me...and I'm not small! (I'm 5'6".) I usually do 10 minutes forward, 10 backwards, and so on until I'm done - often 60 minutes plus 5 minutes cooldown. And I make sure not to tie my laces too tight. Finally, my gym has about four different kinds of elliptical trainers, and some are much more comfortable for me than others - so try experimenting! Even on one machine you can try different foot placements and also try pedaling with your heels going up or staying down. Good luck - the elliptical is a great workout, so I hope you find something that works for you!

8/15/08 2:11 P

Since I am of the school of do less and do it harder my recommendation is to limit your time on the machine to thirty minutes. Doing interval or HIIT cardio work gives you more time to do other things since all you need is thirty minutes. In addition if weight control is your goal make sure you are doing a comprehensive total body and compound exercise programme at least three days a week.

BOUDICA26 Posts: 246
8/15/08 12:51 P

Thanks to all for the advice. I have lots to go on now...stretching...reversing (also a good idea because it uses different muscles)..changing up my work
WOW..thanks much!

DRWINK Posts: 20
8/15/08 7:25 A

I've had this happen too. Perhaps making sure your shoes are the correct fit for your feet would be helpful. Specialty gym shoe stores will happily help you and even explain your step, arch, and everything you'd want to know about your feet! I've had great luck at smaller stores (not the big chains). Also, see if your socks are too puffy. Sometimes that has created pressure in my shoes.
Good Luck

8/15/08 6:39 A

I have the solution. It was happening to me too and someone here answered it. You have to switch it up by using it backwards. The first time I did it, I nearly fell off, lol. I use the elliptical for 10 minutes, then 2 minutes in reverse. That's what works for me.

WALKERB79 Posts: 547
8/14/08 9:24 P

That's why I'm not a big fan of elliptical machines. I never spend more than 10 minutes on one (and that's mainly just to stretch out and cool down my muscles after lifting.)

I'd suggest not spending more than 30 minutes on one if that's when your feet start falling asleep. Maybe do 30 minutes then get on something else. If nothing else, it'll change up your routine a bit which is usually a good thing.

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8/14/08 8:31 P

My feet were falling asleep too. I asked my doctor about it and he said that it happens because of the constant pressure on the feel. He said that when it starts happening get off for a minute and walk around a bit to get the blood flowing in your feet again and then continue your workout. So far this has really helped me. I usually get off and stretch and walk for about a minute every 15-20 minutes during my workout and my feet haven't been falling asleep very much.

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MZWIT98 Posts: 782
8/14/08 5:33 P

I happens to me too - not just on the elliptical. I'm going to try the stretching this - it makes sense.

Thanks for posting this - I feel less of a freak :)

8/14/08 5:28 P

It used to happen to me all the time. I made sure to shift my feet a little bit back, and loosened up my shoelaces a bit. I can't remember if I changed my shoes at that time, but it doesn't happen to me anymore. It's a bizarre feeling though.

DKOERB Posts: 142
8/14/08 3:49 P

I have had that happen to me as well. I do not feel that it is normal and it is a circulation problem. I am not sure what causes the problem but someone told me it is the angle that your foot is in that cuts off the circulation. darlene

8/14/08 3:41 P

I noticed the same thing about a week ago at the gym. The ball of my right foot always seems to fall asleep while on the elliptical. What was strange to me is that I used to belong to a different gym. They had 3 different make/models of ellipticals and I never had this issue. The one I've been using is yet another make/model. I'll try stretching and loosening my shoes, but I'm glad I'm not just crazy because it sure felt like it.

CARADAWN Posts: 1,955
8/14/08 3:04 P

Make sure you stretch! I don't use the eliptical but I run and I told my trainer when I started to get that feeling that my foot was falling asleep (it was only my left). I had just started to intensify my run so my muslces were really tight and that was the main cause. He said if the muscles get too tight they can actually cut off blood and you get the sensation that your foot or feet are falling asleep. It may not be the same in your case but if your muslces are really tight make sure you stretch before and after so this does not happen.

I have also had the feeling that my foot was falling asleep from tying my shoes too tight. Once I loosened the laces the feeling in my foot went back to normal.

KACEY08 Posts: 1,814
8/14/08 2:51 P

If my feet are against the front end of the pedals, it happens to me too. I constantly shift them back so they're not jammed into the front, but it's an ongoing annoyance. I don't have a suggestion but you're definitely not alone.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
8/14/08 2:10 P

I don't know the solution, but just so you'll know, this is a VERY common problem with the elliptical. It seems a little more frequent in women who are on the short side, so it may have to do with the angle of your feet on the treads. It happens a lot, to people who never have that issue with any other type of exercise.

8/14/08 12:33 P

make sure you are wearing good, supportive and well fitting shoes. I cant wear nike's bc they do that to me, but asic's work perfectly and i never have nerve issues on the treadmill or elliptical.

BOUDICA26 Posts: 246
8/14/08 12:31 P

My friend has the same issue..after about 1/2 hour on the elliptical, the soles of my feet seem to fall asleep. Is this normal? Any ideas?

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