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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
10/7/11 6:42 A

I just use Pam to cook any more. I rarely use oil. It maybe doesn't cook as great, but it works well enough.

Also, look at what you're putting your PB on. Instead of a bagel, try a low-cal English muffin. Helathy Life makes an 80 calorie English muchh that is high in fiber that I love. Or use low carb bread. Or, put it on an apple. Bagels (and regular English muffins) can be pretty high in fat sometimes. What you need to do is make sure you're tracking accurately. Then, look at where the bulk of your fat is coming from. Once you see that, find substitutes or see where you are willing to cut back.

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10/7/11 1:40 A

I think the food tracking may be off... If you use 1 T olive oil to cook 2 servings, and you only eat 1 of the servings, the tracked food should be .5 T of olive oil for you for that meal.

Also, like others have said, you often don't need that much to sauté fish or veggies. Maybe put 1 teaspoon in the pan, then as it heats, spread it to coat the whole pan. Should be plenty.

One other thing about salad dressings... Sometimes putting it on the side & dipping your fork into it is a good way to get the creamy taste without dousing the whole salad. Making your own will surely help too. Good luck!

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
10/6/11 6:43 P

One other thing: Twice you mentioned "the recommended serving size." The serving size on the package isn't anybody's "recommended" size. It's either the NLEA serving or one decided by the company's marketing division. NLEA is the Nutritional Labeling Education Act, which included a project where they took hundreds of people, asked them to serve themselves "one serving" of different foods, and established an average. So it's kind of the realist serving, not the recommended one. For foods that don't have an established NLEA serving (or foods from companies that decide not to use it), their marketers try to strike a balance between making it large enough to sell a maximum amount of product (you use your peanut butter up a lot faster than I do) and small enough to keep the calories down so people won't stop buying it because it's "too fattening." With salad dressing especially, using the label serving means just your dressing has more than half the calories most of us eat for lunch. Don't be bamboozled by the Kraft marketing division! They just want you to use up that bottle and buy a new one.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
10/6/11 6:34 P

I think for me the trick was learning that I could have ANYthing I really wanted, but not EVERYthing I sort of wanted. If you love peanut butter and avocados, have peanut butter OR avocado every day, but not both. Both of them provide healthy fats, but more than you need. If you feel that you need peanut butter twice one day, that's okay, but make it one tablespoon each time.

And the other problem is that if you're getting that high a percentage of your calories from fat yet staying within your total calorie range, that means that by simple math, you're missing something else that you need. My guess would be that you're WAY low on fiber and maybe a tad low on protein, and you're probably not getting enough calcium. If you make it a goal to hit those targets, you'll find yourself deciding to have yogurt or cottage cheese instead of peanut butter some mornings, snacking on hummus and veggies instead of nuts, and maybe adding salsa instead of dressing to your salads (although you should have a tiny bit of fat with a salad to help your body absorb some of the vitamins.)

But portion size and frequency are probably the keys.Even though two aspirin may cure your headache, that doesn't mean it's good to take 10. A little healthy fat is good for you, but too much is too much.

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10/6/11 6:19 P

Your tracker for October 5th shows that you ate two tablespoons of olive oil with your lunch. Similarly, on October 2nd your dinner shows two tablespoons of olive oil along with your chicken and veggies. Maybe you're not tracking accurately?

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10/6/11 6:16 P

Hi Detoxer:

Yes, I can get away with 1T of pb. I have done it before and I prefer 2 (of course! Ha ha!), but 1 is probably doable!

Don't freak out to much...I used 1T of olive oil to cook 2 servings of salmon (one for my husband), not 2T for 1 serving!

I am going to start making my own dressings, so I will try to find that balance between creamy and low-fat.



ETA: I don't always eat peanut butter twice a day, but a couple times a week I do. It's my major comfort food.

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LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
10/6/11 6:01 P

I would cut out the junk fat sources first...that means the salad dressing and maybe the peanut butter (does your peanut butter have added sugars? Can you find a more natural brand). Try putting a scrambled egg on whatever you are spreading that peanut butter will give you energy to start the day too and takes less calories and fat to cover it (meaning you could eat more volume of food).

For cooking get the Misto (already mentioned by another person). A light spray is enough to coat cookware and if you need more than a light spray to prevent sticking that means it is time to buy a new pan (and it's worth spending more for one good one than a whole cheap set). Honestly, I frequently forget to count the olive oil I spray; I just know it's not that much and a 1second spray of the store bottled olive oil spray is marketed as zero cal (meaning it's probably just under 5 cals per spray). If I pour the olive oil in I end up with 2Tbsp easy because it's hard to get it to spread around evenly when poured.

The main thing is that if you are going to be high on the fats at least make sure they are all the good kind. But it's also good to try to cut back; I've been working on cutting back my fat intake too...I need to eat more veggie carbs, more lean meats and fewer cheese products.

Sometimes we have to be willing to change things around in order to meet our you should considering budging a bit on the items that you think you must have. You can still have them but maybe just not as much or not as often.

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10/6/11 5:46 P

Also, if you're worried about things not cooking properly, don't worry. You wrote that you used two tablespoons to cook your spinach. I've never used oil when I've cooked my spinach in a pan. I just rinse and spin the leaves, and let them cook down in any water that's still clinging on.

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10/6/11 5:45 P

I am able to get one tablespoon of peanut butter to cover two pieces of toast- spread your peanut butter more thinly! That would cut out eight grams of fat- and since you're eating it twice a day that would eliminate sixteen grams of fat! If you want to keep the protein but you're looking for something spreadable, try homemade hummus or another bean dip. You definitely need to switch salad dressings as well- try making one yourself from scratch! I make a healthy romesco dressing from the Appetite for Reduction cookbook that contains less than three grams of fat per two tablespoons- that's 80% less than the store-bought stuff you're buying! I'm also a little freaked out by how much olive oil you used on your salmon. Two tablespoons? For ONE serving? I guarantee that you can get away with less than half that.

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10/6/11 5:30 P

Well if you want to cut down on fat then you are going to have to cut out some of those fat products like peanut butter. You're calories will be cut too obviously, just add a piece of fruit to make up for it.

Instead of buying a Misto oil sprayer just use a spray bottle- you do not need nearly as much oil as you are using.

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10/6/11 3:19 P

I like to cook with olive oil, too, but was unhappy with the 100+ calories it would add to any meal. I bought a Misto, which is basically a spray bottle for oil. Hard to track with it, but I'm able to use a lot less oil than before. I think I was using about 1-2 TBSP to cook anything on the stovetop and I'm using well under 1 tsp now. I've also seen olive oil cooking spray at the supermarket, but I haven't tried it.

Also, Kraft makes a very good lite creamy dressing called Good Seasons in Honey mustard. It only has about 3.5 grams of fat for 2 TBSP.

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10/6/11 2:41 P

Well, I used about 2T to saute a big pan of spinach and then about 1T to sear 2 salmon filets for my husband and I.

I will try to scale it down, but it doesn't seem like things would cook properly with less.

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10/6/11 2:35 P

I have been eating the recommended serving of 2T on a bagel or english muffin. I could cut it down to 1T, but 1/2 is just unreasonable!

But then I am only getting half the protein and calories.

10/6/11 1:50 P

Your food record shows 2 T. of olive this the correct amount, for it is alot....usually one would use 1/2 to 1 teaspon.

Also your portion of avocado with 19 grams of fat and 209 calories, may need to scaled back a little.

Dietitian Becky

BAUM7934 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/6/11 1:46 P

How much peanut butter do you eat each morning? What do you eat it with? I would not think you would need any more than 1 tablespoon. Even 1/2 a tablespoon should do it.

As for creamy dressing, I would definetly try to cut back. They do not offer health benefits so you should avoid them as much as you can. Try using vinegar on your salads or balsamic vinegar. I sometimes just top my salads with salsa, but generally eat them without any dressing.

Same goes for cooking oil. Try to limit how much you use and try other cooking methods like baking, steaming. You could use chicken broth to saute as an alternative. When you use oil use only 1 teaspoon. It really is enough

JULIEMW1 SparkPoints: (1,804)
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10/6/11 1:30 P

Yesterday my fat percentage was at 60%! Today after lunch it is around the same. I have been sparking for 10 days now and my fat has been a little high from the beginning, but the last 2 days has been way high.

I have been doing fine with my calorie range.

I am not sure how to bring it down, yet still stay in my calorie range.

I eat peanut butter every day for breakfast and am not willing to change is a must have to start my day right for me!

I prefer creamy dressings, so that doesn't help probably. But I stick with the recommend serving size.

I use olive oil for cooking, last night I sauteed our spinach in olive oil and also seared our salmon using olive oil in the pan. I used the least amount I thought I could get away with.

Also, if I was able to eliminate the oil, I would have to find something else to eat to get my calorie range to where it should be! I know it is going to take some trial and error to get everything balanced out, but would love some suggestions.



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