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5/20/13 12:26 P

2unhealthy makes a good point. It is not easy to find the time to exercise, but perhaps a little more time with the family will help?

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
5/20/13 1:00 A

Just to toss a different perspective at you...perhaps the 75 mins that you spend at the gym could be better spent by coming home from work (and if you are the cook then cooking a healthy meal and getting the family to help) so the little ones get to spend time with you while learning some healthy choosing fruit over cookies and ice cream. Then you could get your exercise as a family by playing outside, walking around the neighborhood, lifting kids is better than weights, running around playing tag, etc...again teaching your kids how to be active and again spending time with you.

Now I'm not saying she bought the chips to keep you unhealthy but maybe to keep you home.

5/20/13 12:31 A

I'm married to Betty Crocker

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5/15/13 12:03 P

I feel you man. I have made it a point to go every day as well, most days twice a day.

My wife will be all... "you went twice yesterday, you can miss one little day *bats eyes*"

While I just kind of ignore it most days, some days it's really hard not to just lay into her about undermining all my work.

@wife wanting to keep some fluff
Mine is like that as well but what she is slowly realizing is that I am doing this for me.

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5/15/13 10:16 A

Have you talked to her? I know my wife wants me to keep some of my fluff and has actually asked me not to lose too much more. I'm currently 210lbs with some left to go, she likes a place to put her head that isn't all hard muscle. She's actually complained a few times that my chest is too hard now. Maybe yours is the same, I understand it's not uncommon, and she just hasn't said it out loud.

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5/14/13 10:57 A

Just because she bought them doesn't mean you have to eat them.

I think moderation works best. If you can control it, set aside a time to have a "cheat meal" so that you don't feel totally deprived. keep at it, and make good decisions the rest of the week.

You will lose your taste for those foods, develop tatses for other more healthy and nutritious choices, and the snowball effect will help you to continue to advance your gains.

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5/12/13 9:04 A

Whether she meant to or not the chips were a test for you and it sounds like you passed for that day. Just do not get too hard on yourself if one day you slip up. The question you have to ask yourself is just 'Is it worth it?' Is the few minutes at the gym and the diet worth a few minutes missed at home so that you can extend your life to be around your family and to hopefully create a healthy role model for them as they grow up? The people that are couch potatoes with their kids and stay at home with them all the time, is that really any quality time just because they are physically with them? I think it is better to have someone who can get out and go biking or play Frisbee in the park with them or what ever.

There are always going to be temptations and people trying to stop you, no one said it was going to be easy but to me it is worth it. I think you are making the right choice from what you have said... Good Luck

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5/10/13 3:07 P

My wife keeps trying to scuttle my efforts. I came home the other day, and sitting on the counter, were three bags of Kryponite (Doritos). I dont know why she bought them. She doesn't eat them (until now). They used to be my favorite. I dont eat them anymore! I didnt even eat one, I am happy to report. I know we need to have cookies, ice cream and stuff for the kids. I never really ate that stuff anyway. Luckily (and I haven't mentioned it) that there are never any peanuts around. I cant help myself... I love them.

So... was that a test? Is it some sort of jelousy that I am losing weight and getting into shape?

I now go to the gym EVERY DAY. Im there for about 75 minutes. Not a huge amount of time, but, I am adamant that I go every day. I used to get harped at "why didnt you go to the gym today" Now I get "why dont you skid the gym today" I tried getting up at 5:30 in the morning to go... that doesnt work for me. I have tried to go after dinner when the 4 year old has had her stories read to her. That doesn't work either (I just find an excuse not to go). That leaves going right after work. I get home at 6:45. I dont expect any one to wait for me to have dinner (although they all do because I'm the cook). I always offer to bring the little one to the daycare at the gym (she doesn't want to go but I could bribe her)

My question to you, my fine spark friends... am I being unreasonable or am I being scuttled? What am I doing wrong? What would YOU do?

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