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8/20/12 2:04 A

Hi there...I've experienced the same issue.

A serious injury helped me understand the issue really stemmed from far higher up my body - hip flexors, glutes and hammies....with a bit of self investigation, you'll probably find these muscle groups are very tight and sore also.

Can I suggest you find a good physio and massage therapist who can help you work on the muscle groups beyond the lower leg.

They can give you a programme to help stretch, strengthen and release core muscles to ease the pain and tension...

This should help you immensely.

All the best...

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8/19/12 11:39 P

Mine cramp up when I jog on the treadmill also. What I've found that helps is when they start to cramp, I slow down to a fast walk. Sometimes I need to walk slower. However, just keep yourself moving. Maybe try a different exercise machine. I am in love with the elliptical and never have a problem with cramps.

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8/19/12 8:33 P

Tonic water helps my dad with night time leg cramps. He only has a few ounces a day. The dr told him to try it because tonic water has quinine in it and it's supposed to help, too.

8/19/12 2:58 P

Mine sometimes cramp in the middle of the night - and it hurts alot - so much so it wakes me up. I have always been told its a sign of dehydration - There is medication that has been developed to help this issue if it is persistent. Good Luck.

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8/18/12 9:27 P

Make sure you are hydrated. Have your dr test to make sure you are not deficient in magnesium or potassium, and any other thing that may cause it. It could be something serious.

~signed, the girl with magnesium issues that were affecting her heart (a muscle!)

Seriously, google for symptoms of deficiencies.

8/18/12 10:26 A

Try stretching your calves every hour for 30 seconds.

Calf stretch:

Let us know if it helps.

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8/17/12 8:14 A


Very little research has been done on what causes cramping. Some theories is an electrolyte imbalance, some say it's due to improper footwear, some dehydration, some say lack of stretching but the reality is some people are more prone to cramping than others. That being said, since you are experiencing frequent cramping even with walking, talking with your doctor may not be a bad idea.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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8/16/12 11:41 P

That's really not a normal reaction to exercise; I echo your husband's recommendation to see a doctor. If you don't go see them, they definitely won't be helpful.

8/16/12 11:39 P

Even with the slightest amount of exercise my calves cramp up and don't release. It feels like they become rock solid and they really prevent me from a higher level of intensity with my work outs because it hurts a lot.

I can't even get to jogging on the treadmill because just walking quickly causes them to tighten within minutes of being on the treadmill.

Today I went walking with a friend outside and now my right calf is completely tight and sore.

I do have proper shoes and I have tried warming up as slow as possible. Neither has worked.

It's so bad that my husband suggests I talk to a doctor about it but I'm not sure they will be helpful.

Looking for any help.


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