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5/14/13 5:13 P

The family and I LOVE the park..any park ... so that will be on the agenda for the weekend. Today is an average work day then home to eat and watch T.V. emoticon

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5/13/13 2:53 P

Wife's birthday I can relax

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5/13/13 2:15 P

Had a difficult weekend. It was my grandson's birthday. I take care of him, so the cake preparation and frosting was my job. My son's birthday is next week and it was Mother's Day on top of all that! So I did have cake, in fact I had three small pieces with my son and two grandsons, and I had some more with another group of well wishers. On Sunday I had one more piece. Granted they were all smaller pieces but I still over did it in my intake. I had some protein ( again I overdid it - a cheese burger and a chicken burger, both the child size, but no excuse). I tried to eat healthy before everyone came. I had one half chicken breast and a salad. It did not sustain me for later. I did start my day off with coffee so I did one thing right. Anyway, today is a new day.

So far I have had my morning coffee, two over-easy eggs cooked with EVO, one piece of unbuttered toast, and a sliced up apple. This is my brunch since I started eating at 10:30am. I plan on having a salad with pieces of lightly seasoned buffalo chicken mixed in and maybe one half piece of toast. I will also have a glass of soy milk. For dinner I will have a tuna salad or maybe a salad with sausage mixed in.

Anyway, good health to all. Thank you.

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