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7/8/14 3:15 P

If you are on a plateau don't get discouraged keep on trying. I'm on a plateau now and it's hard not to give up, but I am going to keep trying

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7/8/14 2:43 P

Congrats on losing the 50 #. My plateau only broke because of 'stress' [twice] and I dropped 7# each time and am still down. It was not intentional though. I had also added in the strength training. Metabolism went up round the clock.

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7/8/14 1:49 P

This is a timely post, I have been stuck at the same place for the past 3 months, losing and gaining the same 3-4 pounds. I know I have to kick it up a notch, change up my routine etc. All of the responses were helpful and hopefully I will be able to lose the last 25 pounds. This is what I love about Spark, just when I have an issue, someone posts a question and they get great advice.

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7/8/14 1:39 P

LOL, Thanks DEANSDAD! Nope, my clocks are set to be exactly on time due to DH being a bit OCD about being early for everything. If a clock was 30 minutes fast I would be an hour early everywhere we went!

It's actually become kinda funny because I know I do it and can't seem to work my mind around it. There is no way in the world that the 90 minutes of riding up and down hills could burn 800 calories for me. For you? Sure it did, count every calorie burnt baby because you don't want to eat too little.

That chicken must be twice as much as I think it is! Got to count it for 1000 calories, LOL.

I weigh and measure everything I eat. I can bake without measuring, cook without measuring but can't eyeball a one cup serving. Go figure!

Knowing that I'm not that special :) I assume that there are other people like me who can't quite get a handle on the portion sizes so if someone is having a hard time losing but is doing everything right it makes me wonder if they are eating enough.

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7/8/14 5:07 A


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7/8/14 12:27 A

Ditto the other comments. However I will add that doing more of the same exercise may not be challenging the right muscles. The ones you've been using are used to what they are doing. You need to shake them up and take up a different form of exercise.

Same may be the case for what you are eating. Are you getting enough variety? Are you eating a lot of fruit - which although healthy nutrient dense and likely raw contains a lot of natural sugar - that could throw off you metabolism as your blood sugar continues to seesaw.

Maybe try eating only 3 meals and no snacks or 5-6 mini-meals. Eat more protein, lots of big salad for lunch, then more salad at dinner and cut the starchy* carbs especially at dinner and see what happens in two weeks.
*potatoes, bread, corn, peas. beans, water chestnuts, etc

DEANSDAD Posts: 71
7/7/14 9:59 P


You are the exception - most do it the other way around. (food under, exercise over).

But that you "realize it, and go back to the basics...." is EXACTLY the reason you have been so successful - CONGRATS.

Being a Nurse (and Educator) - you, of all people really ought to "know better" about "guestimating" (S) - but given the results and the excellent reminder for folks to "recalculate, weigh, and measure..." I guess you get a "pass".

You don't set your clocks a half hour ahead on purpose by any chance do you? (G)

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7/7/14 8:46 P

For me, when I think I'm doing everything right, I'm usually not (sigh).

I have a tendency to over estimate my food intake and under estimate my workouts. That bike ride couldn't really have burned 800 calories.. even though it was uphill in the rain both ways (LOL) and that 2 oz piece of chicken must have really been 3 ozs or maybe even 4 ozs.

When I get stuck, I find it helpful to go back to the basics. Recalculate my fitness and nutrition settings on Spark. Weigh and measure everything. Start a new workout routine, shake everything up.

I find that I unintentionally sabotage myself by getting lax in measuring food and under/over estimating calories and exercise.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/7/14 6:20 P

Yeah, I'm going to go with are consuming more cals than you think...or you are where you already need to be (hard to tell with nothing to go by).

It reminds me of when I'd watch the show my 500 pound life.

The doctor puts them on a 1200 cal a day diet so they can lose some weight so the surgery is safer (and so he knows they are committed). They get re-weighed every month to check progress.

Every month you see them eating too much...getting weighed (no loss...even a gain here and there) and the protests "but I swear I only eat 1200 cals a day".

And the doctor has to tell them that that is impossible. Over X amount of time, there would have been a loss....had they truly been eating 1200 per day.

If you are not tracking accurately - start. That means everything...and no guessing. Can you accurately eyeball 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, 2 tbs of peanut butter, 1/4 cup oil, 1 cup pasta? If not, start measuring everything, until you can....and some people can never do that...they can for a week, and slowly the measurements start creeping up and they have to do re-fresher courses on it, again and again.

DEANSDAD Posts: 71
7/7/14 6:05 P


As the others have said, even if everyone totally "believes" you 100% when you say you are doing everything "right", it's impossible to offer any advice without you providing at the the "basic" info.

At an absolute minimum:
Current Weight,
Current Daily Caloric intake,
Your "normal" daily lifestyle (desk job, ditch digger, iron man weight lifter in training), and,
A brief summary of your "average" exercise/week.

With that info we can at least try to explain the "why" you're at the plateau.

The jury is still out with respect to weight training (especially if you are on a minimal cal daily intake) and many have "reservations" (for good reason) regarding the SP "recommended" calorie ranges but without the info above, any "suggestions" would be mere guess.

Assuming you are keeping good, accurate records of your daily cal intake it would help if you made the info available on your page for a "new set of eyes" to review - those clear eyes might just pick up on something you're missing.

Less important (to me) is explicit detail on your Cals OUT (daily exercise) as long as your "estimate" is reasonably close and you fall into what most would describe as a "normal" range for most folks. Exercise is, of course, an integral part of any successful weight loss program, but the actual Cals OUT numbers have much less impact than most assume (and, are already accounted for in most TDEE calculators).

Finally, even without seeing the "numbers", I'd be willing to bet that your "actual" Daily Calorie Intake Target number is too high. I'm not suggesting that your tracking of food intake is incorrect but rather that the "goal" number provided to you is. I'm not, however, willing to suggest a specific change without seeing the numbers and doing the calculations.

In general, and with all else being equal, it really is as simple as CICO (Calories In Calories Out) and if CI isn't below CO you WILL either maintain or gain.

OTOH, if the estimated Daily Intake is correct (it's often NOT, depending on the calculator used and the "assumptions" it makes), AND your actual total CI is correct (and below the estimated goal by the appropriate amount, AND you're not losing at something "close" to the estimated rate - SOMETHING else is going on and needs to be investigated.

Your 50# loss over two years is, first off, highly commendable and an accomplishment you should be proud of.
It works out to about a 1/2 #/week and there's nothing wrong with that at all.
It also indicates an "average" calorie deficit/day of approximately 250 which, considering all the "estimating" involved in arriving at it in the first place, doesn't leave much margin of error.

Whatever your current number is, if you haven't updated it (meaning "lowered" it) since before you lost those 50 #, it's again likely overstated. The required Cal IN at your starting point was higher than it is now so it's quite possible that at your current weight the "old" number is now right at your TDEE (maintenance) number and you are seeing exactly the results (no loss, no gain) that would be expected.

That "...the lowest was when I had the flu and only able to drink water...."

....speaks exactly to the point.
I'm certainly NOT advocating a "bread and water" diet, but it DOES validate the point - you LOWERED Cals IN (not by choice) from what your "norm" had been and you LOST WEIGHT.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,433)
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7/7/14 1:13 P


What is your current height, weight and age ? You've mentioned that you want to lose another 30-40 pounds, but if you're approaching a healthy weight for your height, that would cause your weight loss to slow.

Do you do any strength training ? If not, I'm going to encourage you to start. A good strength training program can help a person lose 1-2 clothing sizes and inches. It's just a matter of adding lean muscle and decreasing body fat. Strength training can do that. You may not lose a whole bunch of weight, but you would lose inches. Adding lean muscle could also help break this plateau.

Also, would you be willing to make your food diary public ? The spark community might notice places where adjustments could be made.

When someone tells me they are eating right, but not losing weight, the first thing I ask them is how many servings of fresh fruit and veggies do they eat. If I were to go back in time and give myself one piece of advice that would help me lose weight and be healthy, it would be to increase the number of servings of fresh fruit and veggies I eat each day.

So, you may be eating less, but if you're not eating nutrient dense foods that nourish your body, that could hinder your weight loss. What I've learned is that weight loss isn't just about eating less, it's about eating right.

Also, how much have you been eating each day for the past two years ? If you have been on something of a permanent diet, that too could cause a slow down.

The more you can tell us, the more helpful we can be. Right now, we're just taking educated guesses.

PS - Thinking on the positive side for a moment. While you might not have lost any weight, you have managed to keep 50 pounds off for the past two years. That does say you are doing something right.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,008
7/7/14 12:57 P

What is your current weight and goal weight? Do you measure yourself? Is it possible you've lost inches even if the scale isn't moving?

What is your SP-recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume? What is your exercise program like?

If you can provide some additional details, we'll try to offer suggestions.


Coach Jen

MIZMUSIC Posts: 12
7/7/14 9:22 A

Long story short---it's taken me two years to lose 50 pounds. Please believe me when I say I'm doing everything right, including recording food/exercise on here. I'm not a bag-of-chips-in-secret person. The plateau has been the same 6 lb. since last Sept. The lowest I got was when I had the flu for 3 days and was only able to drink water! It's like my body has said "that's it. No more!", yet I have another 35-40 to go before I'm where I need to be. The crazy thing is, today I will do everything right and tomorrow be up a pound or two!! Anyone else would have met their goal and then some by this time, and I'm getting more depressed by the day. I've done everything----changing food, more exercise--(which I do every day)--all that stuff. Has anyone else had such a problem or is it just me? Do I need to just sit back and figure this is as good as it gets? And yes, I'm on thyroid med. but all is normal. Somebody please tell me how you managed to break out of this rut!! emoticon

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