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8/19/13 1:17 P

emoticon Hello - hope you're still enjoying SP. emoticon


8/19/12 9:41 A

A couple days ago I upped my net carbs from 20 to try to range between 20 and 30 because I was getting headaches from such low carbs. I'm feeling much better, although I initially gained weight the first two days, but my weight is starting to fall again today, so I'm going to try to stay between 20 to 30 net carbs.

8/16/12 5:29 P

Thank you DB. I hope yesterday and today haven't been a fluke because it really has been fairly easy today. I do hope my cravings for bread will be gone soon. I passed the bakery section in the grocery store a little while ago and it seriously made my mouth water. lol Thank you for your support!

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8/16/12 3:46 P

Getting past the first couple of days is key to your success. If your craving get bad eat bacon or something high in fat, that helped me with craving. It is just like any other addition the craving get less and less if you don't give in to them....Good Job in staying strong!!!

8/16/12 11:21 A

Yesterday and today have been relatively easy. I think this way of eating is sticktoitable. emoticon

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8/15/12 7:26 A

Yesterday was a much better day of it! I slept most of the day away, which helped to not cave to the cravings I was having. Then late yesterday afternoon I made some low carb fudge. Mind you, it's not near as good as "real" fudge, but it did the trick in stopping my chocolate cravings!

Today is going to be a great day of sticking to it! I feel strong and know that success is coming my way because I'm going to eat this way for a lifetime.

8/14/12 9:29 A

Hi Jibbie, Thank you for your reply. I hope to get past the cravings soon. I gave into them yesterday, but am hoping to do much better today! I won't give up, no matter what, though.

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8/12/12 6:06 P

Atkins works for me. I have a hard time getting in to Ketosis, but once I do I have no hunger, appetite or cravings.

8/11/12 8:10 P

EDITED from yesterday:

I've been doing some research on how many carbs I should eat each day and I've decided to try to stay within 20 net carbs per day.

This is my day three and it's looking good so far. Days one and two went well, also!

I'm determined to make this a completely new lifestyle and I know that I will reach my ultimate goal of 135 pounds. I don't know how long it will take, but I'm not putting time limits on myself. I'm just doing daily what I know will get me there in the end.

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