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4/27/13 6:39 A

I'd starve and float away, I'm sure.

That looks like an awful lot of fluids, and very little substance, unless I'm reading it wrong.

SlimmerKiwi, yet again, has made some great suggestions.

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4/27/13 4:44 A

You are best to start with your normal food intake so you can see where you can make healthy adjustments and take it from there - i.e. reduce processed junk and increase fruits/veges, and ensure you get enough healthy protein and fats.

Be guided by the recommendations that SP makes re your calories and the carbs/fats/protein ratio. Make sure that you don't stick at 1200 calories when you are exercising - a lot of people make the mistake thinking that hard-out exercise is o.k. but then eat the 1200 cal's - that is for an average weight woman who is sedentary.


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4/27/13 4:19 A


On the surface the meals looks fine. You want to strive for protein, fruits, vegetable, grains, dairy and healthy fats. Then you tweak from there based on your particular needs.

It will all depend, of course, how you prepare it. If the tuna wrap is laden with mayo/salt, the fruit smoothie or yogurt w/fruit & granola is out of a package laden with added get the idea.

112 oz of water a day - are you used to consuming that much? Are you working out and need the added hydration?

My advice would be to track, track , track then you'll get a better idea of how those meal plans are working for you. On paper things can look great but when you get to the nuts and bolts of what you consume - this is where the proof lies and where change happens. Once you see the numbers, you can make better choices where you need to.

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4/27/13 1:57 A

What is your activity level?

I would consider replacing the processed items with more vegetables, meats, and healthy fats.

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4/26/13 11:46 P

Are you getting enough? seems like not that much food. What does the total calories end up being by the end of the day? Seems pretty good though. Yum tea. :D

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MAMAOFFOUR86 Posts: 10
4/26/13 10:27 P

Breakfast - 2 Scrambled Eggs, 1 piece Wheat Toast w/ PB, Banana
Drink - 8oz Hot Green Tea

Drink - 16oz Bottle Water

Snack - Yogurt w/ Fruit & Granola
Drink - 16oz Bottle Water

Lunch - Tuna Wheat Wrap & Small Salad
Drink - 16oz Bottle Water

Drink - 16oz Bottle Water

Snack - Fruit Smoothie

Dinner - Grilled Chicken, Veggies & Small Salad
Drink - 16oz Bottle Water

Drink - 16oz Bottle Water

Snack - Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cone
Drink - 8oz Hot Green Tea

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