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2/15/13 8:05 P

That's a greater success rate then most of those that decide to change their lives, good job!

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2/14/13 9:46 P

50 days pop free!!! It's the most consistent I have been on anything!

In reviewing my goals, this is the only one out of the original 4 I made that I accomplished!

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2/3/13 3:13 P


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2/3/13 11:46 A

Day 4 of part time juicing and i am down 1.5 pounds. Todays plan is to juice for breakfast and veggie soup for lunch, finishing up with a solid dinner of ham and veggies.

Lots of water and im gonna try to get a workout in as well.

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2/3/13 4:02 A

Great, I'm glad they helped!
I heard a spinach, apple and pineapple mix was good, may try it.

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2/2/13 9:02 P

The ginger root is actually quite tasty in juice form and the peppermint tea helped some.

The last 2 days have been awesome. I did a few things different; I peeled all my non-organic vegs and fruits which made a huge difference in the taste! My lunch juice today was quite tasty and that could be due to the lack of pesticides haha and/or I am getting used to it.

I have been doing fruit juice/smoothies in the am, and a "green" juice for lunch. Lots of water and tea throughout the day and dinner tonight was veg soup.

I'm starting to get peckish now, will probably have some more coffee. I think I can do the 2 meals a day switch for a bit longer. I can see how others can do full juice fasts but with the family, I can't imagine myself being able to do this.

Hopefully even the 2 meal change will be enough to make a difference.

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2/1/13 3:37 P

Ginger comes in tea form (or boil the ginger root and make your own tea), it can be very helpful. Do you take probiotics?
Thanks for the update, I'm sorry you don't feel good. I like kale in a stir fry or heavy soup, can't imagine it in juice form! emoticon you are very brave.

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2/1/13 7:35 A

Thanks for the support!

Day 2 juicing
The plan is a breakfast and lubch juice (nothing kale!) And a sensible dinner. I am drinking coffee as that headache sucked! They say you need at least 3 days of juicing to get tge benefit. Not sure how to accomplish that without taking off and staying in bed.

To complicate things further, my nausea worsened last night and i did not keep dinner down. Dh thinks i have a stomach bug. So in all honesty, maybe juicing isnt bad but i have a bug. Lets see how today goes

Still no pop (wow over a month is amazing!) Even though i though ginger would help! Maybe.ill make a juice with ginger today and drink peppermint tea!

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1/31/13 10:00 P

So proud of you going without soda pop! emoticon

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1/31/13 7:02 P

Evening, I'll make this short sweet and to the point.

Juicing sucks, at least the first few days do. I am exhausted with a migraine and I feel like crap.

I made it from dinner last night through lunch today and then I came home and crashed hard. I felt nauseous, I still feel nauseous. I caved and ate solid dinner. I think I may try this slower considering that it hit me so hard.

Oh and Kale is awful, trully disgusting... in juice form.

Time to go seek out some new recipes. If I can tolerate it.

No pop, no exercise, ate out for dinner which was so not healthy.

Day 1 juicing 215lbs

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1/31/13 6:08 A

Nothing is too peraonal haha.

Ill let you know tonight. First juice was last night so today will be first full day. Im mostly nwrvous about being hungry and the gastrointestinal side effects.

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1/31/13 2:08 A

I've never tried the juices, how's that work for you? Let us know (if it's not to personal) about skin, hair, energy, hunger levels and moods please? It's got me curious.
Great job with the pop!!

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1/30/13 9:03 P

Day 33

I am 35 days pop free!

Tonight I started my 3-day juice reboot. We bought a juicer and a ton of fruits/veggies. I had dinner juice (carrot and apple) and then I made tomorrows breakfast (carrot/apple/ginger) and lunch (kale/cucumber/apple). They are in cups and ready for me to grab up on my way out the door.

I think the hardest part will be tomorrow's coffee. I usually drink it with cream but I'm not supposed to have creamer. Nothing but tea, water and my juice.

I think that this will be an interesting process and I am excited as well as nervous.

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1/29/13 8:15 P

Eek, been a week or so since last check in.

Busy busy busy and work is drowning me. I'm still here, still clawing my way to healthy!

Day 32:

I am officially 34 days pop free!!

Nothing significant to report other than I am getting my cardio in and hoping that will show some awesomeness on the scale this week.

Water is at 12 cups
Food is not tracked but my portions have been controlled
Paleo: 75/25
Exercise: 45 minutes walk it out tonight

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1/18/13 5:25 P

I understand how tough it can be just before payday...frozen veggies and left overs can help.

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1/17/13 10:33 P

Day 20:

Payday! We always go out to eat on payday and tonight we chose mexican! I got the hawaiian fajitas yum!

Weigh in was awesome, I am down another pound and a half which I am super pumped about. Slow and steady, this is exactly how I want it to go.

So in celebration, I got my hair cut and went with a totally new look. Short in the back with a slight downslope towards my chin and ...... bangs! But not 90's shark fin bangs, slightly wispy bangs that look cute to the side. I love it!

Food: high and not tracked
water: a little short as I forgot my water bottle this morning
exercise: 10 minutes yoga
Paleo: 30/70 (2 of my meals were not fully paleo)

Day 22 NO POP!

*I am noticing that my food is backsliding and I want to address this. When the 2nd week of the pay period hits, food gets.... low. And so it's more difficult to eat healthier when there are limitations to what is available. I plan to continue to address this, keeping healthy snacks in the house, my hens started laying eggs again! And planning meals are all steps/things that can help me stay on track.

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1/17/13 2:55 A

emoticon Way to go!!!

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1/16/13 9:17 P

Day 19:

Still hanging strong here! Food was up today as it was our weekly lunch out with the girls at work. I came home and did my strength training today though so it balances out.

Food: high
Water: short by a cup or so
Exercise: 22 min strength video
Paleo: 60/40

NO POP! Day 21!!!

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1/15/13 2:01 A

I'm so glad today went better for you! Good job! emoticon

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1/14/13 7:41 P

Day 17:

Today went much better! Started out strong with bacon and eggs (yumm!) and packed a lunch of ham/cheese roll ups, sliced sweet red pepper and a pear. Snack of almonds and dried blueberry and finished up dinner with zucchini noodles (zoodles), spaghetti sauce and sausage meatballs.

Water is at 12 cups! Holy cow!

Only thing missing is my workout. I have a lot of time to make up but tonight I am sitting with a significant migraine. Not sure if exercise will make it worse or not.


Food: on track
Water: excessive
exercise none yet
Paleo: The only thing non-Paleo was my coffee creamer soooooo 95/5

No pop day 19!

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1/13/13 8:03 P

Day 16:

It's been a ... difficult weekend to say the least. I have been on sugar and carbs and feeling icky as a result. No exercise, avoiding spark. I think it's time I get back on the bandwagon.

Water is good today, food is obviously high and not very paleo but I have tracked it at least. I did have a sip (or 3) of Sprite the other day, the nausea had me desperate. It tasted AWFUL! I gave it away and won't make THAT mistake again.

I know my health stuff has been off, but I have to say that my personal goal with writing has taken off. I spent a LOT of time this weekend working on my book. I didn't get very far, but I am pleased with the accomplishment. I also joined a few writing groups/sites. That I think will help more than anything! I'm soooo excited to finally be working on this.

I did get some scary news, one of the girls I work with told me that our company was going down like the Titanic and that she was told to abandon ship! About caused me to stroke out. But DH and I talked about it and we have come up with a game plan. Truth be told, I wouldn't be all that heartbroken if they did do a bunch of layoffs and I was in the mix. This job has me so stressed out that I can barely function most days. I need the break. I need to figure out what I want out of life because honestly, this ain't it.

We are tight on funds for this week. Not a good place to be. I know it's only temporary though and I'm trying to remain positive.

Verdict for the day/weekend

Off track but clawing my way back
Food is out of control but I tracked today
Water today is spot on and I can actually feel the difference
No exercise as yet. I know this needs to be done.
Paleo: more like 20/80 the past 4 days...

Pop: Do I start over at Day 1 since yesterday I had a few sips???
Nah, I'll say Day 18 no pop...

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1/9/13 8:20 P

Day 12

I am continuing to feel an increase in energy. Today was Mexican Wednesday at work, I skipped the chips and salsa. Then I got my chicken fajitas and unsweet tea. I really wanted doughnuts, but I skipped them as we had a party for my father in law. I did indulge with pizza and cake. But I came home and got my cardio in so I feel no guilt.

Day 14 NO POP!
Food is high
Water is 8+
Workout video done
Paleo: 50/50

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1/9/13 6:40 A

Thanks! The Psychiatrist that works in my office is also doing low Carb/no sugar and she explained that carbs are what help with saliva production. No carbs or low carbs means a decrease in salivation which then leads to dry mouth and thus stink breath. I'll try the peppermint tea, thanks!

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
1/9/13 2:55 A

I had the same side effect with South Beach, peppermint tea helped a bit.
You are doing great!

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1/8/13 7:39 P

Day 11

I am feeling an increase in energy. Went to bed around 9:30 last night with a migraine. Stress is apparently still out of control. But my food is on track and I did get my workout in. I managed to get up 30 min early without trying mind you today AND yesterday. I love this as it allows me to enjoy a bit of coffee before the day starts. Peaceful! Water is up which is not surprising. the more Paleo days I have, the more cotton mouth sets in. Low carb also makes your breathe stink just FYI! I just read that you shouldn't chew gum as it can spike insulin levels and make you hungrier. Might have to stick to Altoids...

Day 13 NO POP!
Food is on track
Water is 8+
Workout video done
Paleo: 90/10! It was a great paleo day!

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1/7/13 8:07 P


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1/7/13 7:21 P

Day 10:

A great day, work was great, my morning was great, lunch was great. I am feeling great.

The only not great thing right now is that my head is pounding. Not sure what kind of headache it is but it has been with me for hours.

Food: I tracked it all today AND I am in range!
Water: 9 cups and counting
Exercise: plan is to workout tonight
Paleo: 80/20
NO POP day 12!

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1/7/13 3:29 A

You had a great Sunday, way to go! emoticon

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1/6/13 6:31 P

Day 9: 1/6/13 Sunday

Today was a much better day. I planned my meals for the next 2 weeks and then hit the grocery store. I spent a few hours batch cooking and now have 7 dinners for the crockpot as well as a menu with 15 total dinners. I was super pumped as all that food still only ran me about $200. I bought everything on sale and stuck with seasonal foods.

After spending all day in the kitchen, I set up some veg beef soup with cornbread for dinner and then hit up sparkpeople to catch up with this week's goals.

I finished it off by getting my strength training in, finishing up farm chores for the night and then eating with DH. Now we are settled in on the couch and I am getting ready to blog before my shower.

Food: a few snacks but overall I am pleased
Water: short for now but I still have time to get it in.
Exercise: Strength Training for 20 minutes!
Paleo: 70/30
Day 11 NO POP!


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1/6/13 6:20 P

Day 8: 1/5/13

Saturday; I had started out with great intentions but kind of slid. I did a lot of housework and played on my computer which was stress relieving at least. I got a late start and did not get my photography session in.

Food: Not horrible, but not tracked either
Water: unsure
Paleo: no clue
Exercise: none
Day 10 NO POP!

Focused on stress reduction and depression boosting.

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1/6/13 3:39 P

The most important thing is not to give up even if you have some setbacks.Tomorrow is a new day. You can make it!

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1/5/13 8:48 A

day 7: (1/4/13)

Stress bomb related to finances. Long day at work with a lot of emergencies to deal with which left me exhausted when I got home. Skipped my workout again and now I am on a "no workout" streak, need to break THAT one. Food was off as I ate junk in response to my stress. And although I started out the morning by tracking, I didn't finish it.

Trying to get back into my photography but it's getting overwhelming. Starting to slide back down into my depression and I think it's my own doing.

Need to turn things around before they get worse.

Verdict for the day:
Workout: none
Food: high calories and not tracked
Water: 9 cups at leasr
Day 9 NO POP!
Paleo: 60/40 again as I ate way too much junk food.

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1/3/13 9:59 P

Thanks ladies! Feels great!

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
1/3/13 7:51 P

You are doing great! emoticon
Over a week without pop is great progress and you dropped the holiday pounds and they took a pound along when they left....sounds like a good week.

REDVELVET21 Posts: 1,833
1/3/13 7:45 P

Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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1/3/13 7:12 P

Thanks for the support, I agree that it's hard to break that mindset!

Day 6:

What a great day! I felt better and as a result had a better day in general. I havent had time to track food, not sure how to work that in. I DO have an app for Spark but I get no signal at work so its not the most helpful haha. I'll keep thinking on it.

I did manage to get my workout in today and I felt amazing afterwards. I have to say that a fat girl trying to do a flamenco dance HAS got to be the funniest thing since the hippo scene in Fantasia. Which is why I like to workout in solitude. BUT I do have a great imagination and as long as I avoid my reflection in the sliding glass door, I'm fine haha.

We took the boys out for dinner tonight, Penn station followed by fro-yo at Chicka biddy! YUMMO! Then I came home and worked out. No other snacks and breakfast/lunch was spot on. I'm on track for water too btw.

Today was BL weigh in.... I am down 4.5 pounds!!! Which actually means that I am down a pound in 3 weeks. But that is also after a 4 pound holiday gain.

water: 8 cups and counting
cardio: 15 minutes
food: not tracked but I'm happy with how well I did
Paleo: 60/30 since my whole dinner and dessert were not paleo. I'm working on a grocery list and food planning for the week next.

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23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
1/2/13 9:20 P

Way to go, that's awesome!!!!
The all or nothing mindset trips up so many people, recognizing it and knowing that you can turn it around is huge. That's great!

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1/2/13 8:57 P

Oh my haha, thanks ladies!!! emoticon You are right, those gingerbread men definitely had it coming! So did those ginger kids! Brats.

Day 5:

Another difficult day with multiple stressors and poor coping. I tried today, I started out with a strong protein filled breakfast and I planned for eating out for lunch (we always go out for "Mexican Wednesday" and I order chicken fajitas and I only eat the meat and veggies). But somewhere, I broke down. I ate the tortillas and the rice/beans. Then when I got back to the office, I had 2 slices of cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing.

On my way home, I gave it significant thought. I could say "forget it" and give up the rest of the day or I could turn it around. In the grand scheme of things, I have had worse days. So I was determined that my previous pattern of all or none would not continue today. I picked up DH and we went to Kroger. Dinner was healthy and delicious and I did get all my water in already. I am digesting while I spark and I plan to get my workout done next. (That will be the HARD part, as I am tired and sore and I really just want to shower and go to bed).

Day 7 of NO pop!
Calories: over and not tracked
Paleo: I would say today I was 60/40 on track (aiming for 80/20)
Water: 11cups!
Workout: not yet. Broke a 3 day streak yesterday

emoticon Broke the all or none mindset!

GLODES Posts: 58
1/2/13 12:28 A

yes sorry to hear about Perry... I dont think it matters what type of animal it is .. a family member is a family member. It will take time and dont beat yourself up. It is one day you had a bump, and tomorrow will probably be hard still, but keep the positive.. NO POP! That is at least one thing you still hung onto.

Tomorrow is another day, and there will be another one after that. And I agree -- the men probably had it comin - they usually do... LOL

Chin up, hugs


23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
1/1/13 6:06 P

I'm sorry you lost Perry, animals are pure and loving, they never judge and when they pass it's heart breaking. Allow yourself to hurt so you can allow yourself (in time) to heal and those gingerbread men had it coming anyway!

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1/1/13 5:57 P

Day 4:

Today has been one of the most difficult days I have faced in a long time. We lost the fight with our duck "perry". I tried hard but he just didn't make it. I am now faced with grief and how to deal without bingeing. I'll be honest, I am not managing it well at all. I have had my fair share of gingerbread men. I haven't tracked anything yet and I have not done my workout. The best thing I can say as far as health is that I have not had any pop today.

I have always been an animal lover and I am fortunate that my husband supports me in all my crazy animal hoarding. Perry was not planned actually, a close friend of mine had known that I wanted a Pekin Duck. When Perry's mom died he was left an orphan, and this friend called me right away. Of course I took him, how could I say no? I hand raised him in the house and we definitely bonded. He was not happy when I had to put him outside but I found 2 buddies for him to play with and before long he was playing and doing his duck thing without a care for his human adoptive mom. He loved watermelon and would clear a rind within a half hour haha. He was a sweet duck whom I adored. Some of the most relaxing nights I have are when I spend them them outside watching the animals do their thing.

He will be missed greatly, it sometimes feel silly to cry over an animal. Especially one who lived outside and had limited daily contact with me. However, I am a sensitive soul and this has cut me deep.

I cant say for sure whether I will get a workout in, and I am not planning on tracking. I am giving myself the rest of the day to mourn. My goal then is to get my water in.

Verdict for the day:
calories are a bust and no tracking to be sure
workout did not happen; streak broken
water; halfway through goal
no pop

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12/31/12 9:05 P

Day 3: Started out strong, got my cardio in early on while the duck was in the tub and DH wasn't home yet. I ate a strong protein breakfast and headed off to work.

While at work I turned down iced cinnamon rolls AND an offer to get take out for lunch.

I tracked all my food for the day and am slightly elevated but not as bad as yesterday. My water is on target and I skipped pop.... again.

Stress abounds though as I am at my wits end with my job. It was very hard returning today, after over a week off. I do not look forward to Wednesday, that's for sure!

Then I came home and had some dinner, did my chores for the animals and put the duck back in the tub for his night swim. I should clarify here. We have a number of animals including ducks, chickens, goats, cats, dogs, turtles and fish. One of my ducks has an infected foot that needed closer treatment so I brought him in to work on it. It was improving and I was optimistic, but lately he has been more lethargic and not eating. When I put him in the tub I discovered he was covered with mites. This is an incredibly stressful situation for me as I have raised him from a duckling and if I don't get this fixed, he will die.

I normally eat when I am stressed, but tonight I have responded by creating a plan of action for tomorrow and then coming here to spark. It's better than bingeing on banana bread that's for sure!

Verdict for the day:
Calories are high but tracked and less so than yesterday
Water is set to be completed before midnight
Workout completed!
Managed stress more appropriately! NSV!

What a GREAT way to end 2012!

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12/31/12 8:54 P

Thank you both for the kind words on my journal! That certainly helps keep the motivation running high!!!!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,117
12/31/12 8:51 A

emoticon Happy 2013 New Year emoticon This will be the best year ever!!! emoticon

GLODES Posts: 58
12/30/12 11:02 P

I just wanted to say thank you for the logging you are doing... it helps me prepare for my journey i am starting.. it hellps me see i am not alone, i look forward to reading your updates and progress... dont stress the small stuff... keep a chin up and smile on that beautiful face... tomorrow is another day... :D

MORRIGAN11 SparkPoints: (12,512)
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12/30/12 6:36 P

Day 2

I may be on the verge of overdoing it, but that seems to be the only thing that works. I need to throw myself into this or risk not staying focused and committed. But unfortunately, I take on too much and that can be just as dangerous. It's not been difficult for the past week as I have been on vacation. But tomorrow starts the daily grind again.

I am going to amend my goals right here and state for myself that with my work schedule, it's better to do the workouts and eating right then to log on here. I will NOT use logging into spark as an excuse to skip workouts. And If I only blog or check in every few days... Well that is just okay...

As for today. It started off rough, DH brought home red velvet muffins which I partook of. I did track it though and I didn't snack at 10:30 am when I was STARVING because I had a carb loaded breakfast instead of my usual healthy one. Then for lunch I was stuck on what to fix but I had just made banana bread with my left over bananas that were going bad. So of course I ate a HUGE slice of that. Dinner did not quite make up for the calories, but it was Paleo-ish and so I count it as a victory. I did chicken and veggie stirfry with fried cauliflower that was shredded down so it was the size of rice. I'm amazed, but it actually tasted like rice!

I did my Latin workout video, and I even did it after DH got up and took over the tv. I grabbed my disc and popped it in my computer and did my workout in my bedroom. I did not do the whole DVD as it's 3 different styles of dance plus the warm up and cooldown. With the warm up and the first dance I was in 15 minutes and felt like I was going to die. So I stopped it there, fast forwarded it to the cool down and counted it as 15 minutes total. Tomorrow I will do the warm up and the next dance on the disc. Eventually I will get to be able to do the whole disc at once! And I wont feel like one of those dancing hippos on Fantasia while I'm at it!

Water is low today but I subbed out tea and still skipped pop. I have time tonight to finish it up. Sitting with my cup now as I watch the duck take his bath. Just hope he doesn't spray duck water on me! Yuck!

So verdict for the day?
water is low
calories are over but tracked
workout complete

I'll take it as a success! emoticon

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12/29/12 2:15 P

Day 1: Aren't these usually the easiest days? You are gung ho and ready to jump in with both feet!? Let's hope this fire continues.

I got a gift card for Walmart and instead of blowing it on a new curling iron, makeup or the new video game I have been wanting... I bought the boxed set of Latin dance party workout. It's like the generic version of Zumba haha. I have done zumba a number of times with the group fitness class but now my work schedule prevents me from being able to go at the time it is offered. I figured this was a great compromise as I get my workout and Its dancing which I love. I'm thinking my reward for this exercise streak will be a new (used) elliptical with tax refund money. It's something I have wanted for a while and this will motivate to stick with something. DH will not support another half-a**ed attempt at something since I have a habit of burning out quickly.

I started out with the section on learning the footwork which took 15 minutes. tomorrow I plan on jumping in and following the 30 day plan that comes with it.

Food wise, I am super proud that I have already tracked all my food for the day. I planned dinner and got into my tracker and now I know where I am so when those chocolate cravings hit I'll be prepared!

I went to the grocery store and walked out without any pop. None. Nada. zip. Not even the 20 oz bottles at the check out counter. Instead, I came home and made iced tea. I am working on my cup of water now as well.

Let's hope this fire continues to burn...

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12/29/12 11:27 A

Thanks for the input! Its hard to face reality sometimes but if we don't then what will change? Best of luck on your journey as well!

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12/29/12 7:21 A

Congratulations!!! You have really found the way to: "GET REAL"
Is so easy to fall off the wagon and so hard to get back in track but the specific points you are outlining here will make a big difference and you will see results.
Thank you for sharing I also need to: "GET REAL" I lost 37 lbs in the last 15 month, but I need to loose another 41 to get to my goal weight, so with your help I'm setting a plan to do it on 2013.
Happy, Healthy, Lighter New Year!!!!

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12/29/12 7:06 A

Challenge Bonus this week is to create a journal and track the goals set for ourselves. I have been flailing the past 2 weeks and so it was a great time to sit down and "get real" about what I wanted from this challenge and how to get it.

Week 3:

My #1 goal for this challenge used to be weight loss. I wanted to get below 200lbs. After looking it over and thinking hard about viability/do-ability. I have decided that I obviously STILL want to lose weight but I am going to drop it down to just a pound a week. That is much easier given the stress I usually have to deal with. 7 weeks=7pounds.

I think I need to focus more specifically on HOW to lose the weight. I can sit and wish for weight loss all I want but if I don't identify what needs to change then nothing will change (and obviously what I AM doing right now is not very successful If I am seeing a gain 2 weeks in a row). So what has been holding me back all this time? Or more specifically how was I successful before? The simple answer? EXERCISE! I used to workout, a lot. Like 5 mile walks every day. Obviously I cannot manage 5 miles now. BUT I CAN manage 10 minutes a day. By completing this goal I will set myself up for consistent fitness, and hopefully use it to find an exercise that I like and that I will WANT to continue long after the challenge is over.

That's my 2nd goal: Exercise 10 minutes daily

Another part of the equation involves logging into spark every day. When I track my food consistently, I notice that my intake drops as I am more aware of what I am eating. When I am not doing so well I tend to avoid spark and all the resources. Over the past 2 days I have forced myself to log foods even when I know/think I am over my goals or have not eaten the most healthy options.

Goal 3: Start a streak of logging in daily/tracking food

Nutrition wise I have a significant issue with sugar and carbs. At this point I worry that If I set my goals too high, that they may not be doable. So my last goal is a combo starting point.

Goal 4: Start a streak of no soda/drinking my 8+glasses of water.

These are all small starting goals which will make the biggest oopmh.

Now to put them into action. Complete these goals for the next 7 weeks. And journal about it.

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