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I'm not trying to promote Turbo Fire. I'm not a coach, just a person who found the right progrma that is working for me!

So, even though I've had a few "rest days" from feeling pretty sick, that's life! This is my Turbo Fire 30 day review! I wish Turbo Fire had came out when I was in middle school, but I am glad I discovered it. Chalene Johnson made this workout program, 4 years ago I believe, and I'm glad I have found it when I did.
In October, Darin and I both quit drinking pop. Small steps is key! Well I didn't do well keeping up with the exercise, but for a short time I focused on the eating end. I always heard that losing weight was 70-80 % diet, and 20% exercise.
So, I figured I could eat right then add in exercise later. Well, at least for me, it's the opposite. That wasn't working. So I kind of gave up, tried to cut out sweets, nope didn't work. I have learned it's harder to stay away from the sweets when you aren't busy at work, and you're home with the kids, too. So I tried in January to exercise. I have also learned to start drinking water whe nI'm scavenging the cabinets, and sometimes, if I wait 20 minutes, I no longer want the sweets.
I don't remember why but I gave up. So I waited until a month before my birthday! I decided May 2014 was going to start my journey! So 2 days before May I decided I'd try and get used to the choreography in the shorter videos, Fire 30, Fire 55 EZ, etc.
That wasn't a long time to do that, 2 days, but I quickly remembered the moves. So I kept going, and going, and a week in, I had my first rest day. I felt like working out even though the calendar with the program said to allow a rest day. And I knew you needed rest days to recooperate, relax, not get burned out, and gives your muscles a day to recover and grow. I never understood this, until I started to see results. So, then I just kept following the TF schedule, I a week ago, switched it around. There are some HiiT workouts (High Intensity Interval Traingin) workouts, and although short, you feel like you're in HE** ! No joke I'm sure some of you can agree that have done them.
So, because I'm just starting out, I am modifying it, but as you learn from doing the videos, Chalene gives you advice, they are high intensity workouts, but I went from barely getting warm with Fire 55 EZ, to now I have sweat pouring from my forehead and back when I finish.
So anyway, I cut out the HiiT workouts (until I go for Round 2..hehehe..) but I have learned that to lose and keep it off, you have to work hard every day, but it's not just about the weight. I have read and learned that women especially, we gain/lose up to 10 pounds a day! So, I put the scale away, and was able to not get on it for a while. When I started to feel healthier, at least, I had more energy over all for the day and the little tornadoes in the house had competition! LOL.
1st 30 days, I started drinking more water, still no pop, but somedays seemed rough I felt I needed an extra boost so I'd have an energy drink, 0 cal, 0 sugar, but still ingredients you can't pronounce! But I didn't give up, even when I felt bad, tired, or just that "meh" feeling. I kept pushing, and pushing. Some days in the 1st 30 days, I didn't feel like doing the workout as per the schedule, so I'd switch it up. The HiiT workouts were replaced by Fire 30, 45, or 55 EZ. And NO! Just because they say EZ doesn't mean they are easy...more like the opposite!
the 1st 30 days I focused on exercising 5-6 days a week, some days were just 30 minutes, as May has came to an end, I've went from loving the shorter workouts, to loving the LONGER ones! I've also learned that it's not just about losing pounds on the scale. your weight fluctuates, and you need to focus more on inches and pictures. You see your body daily, in someway, so take starting pictures.
I will not post my before/after but I can tell you, I SEE A DIFFERENCE! The pants might not fit better, IMO, but I can see it in the pictures. And no photoshop! I hope I can be an inspiration to others to get "Fit" yes, I said "fit" I didn't say skinny, lose pounds, or become a "model". Just fit! I feel more in shape now than I ever have in my life, and this is after 2 c-sections, years later, and more weight.
So what have I accomplished in my 1st 30 days you ask? I hope you're not asking how much weight I've lost, because 1 - not my focus anymore. Yes, I wnat to lose 50-60 pounds, but if I do Turbo Fire and other workouts like this, I will gain muscle, and muscle wighs more than fat, so I'm not focusing on that anymore! Okay, in the first 30 days, drumroll I've most importantly: LOST MY EXCUSES! "I'm tired, I can't find 30 minutes to workout, my sides hurt, I'll never get there"...doing something is better than nothing! Yes, my sides hurt when I worked out, espeically when it came to the kicking moves, or "quabwella" as I hear it, lol, but I don't stop! I have learned that "no pain no gain" is right! my sides were hurting because I don't normally use them! I woke up my muscles and they're trying to tell me to stop! I didn't stop, I'd slow down, and do less intensity, until that temporary side pain went away, then upped the intensity the rest of the workout! I keep pushing myself.
Turbo Fire has helped me to learn to give all my intensity, push myself, without killing myself or giving up. It's totally modifyable and anyone can do it! I lost the "I can't do this" excuse.
**I've lost a total of 6-8 pounds, and over all the measurements, 8 inches! ** This is from not cutting out the junk, or even planning my meals. I ate what I wanted, and these are still great results!
You don't need a gym, just 30 minutes a day. It doesn't have to be Turbo Fire, this is just what I've found that works for me, and as you can see, it's working! What's up for me next ? well, the next month challenges! Next 30 days I am cutting out most sweets and energy drinks. The 30 days after that? I don't know yet, we'll take a step at a time! I'll update again in 30 days my progress!
So you wnat to do something about your health? Start small, you can do it! Find a face book group, since I know you're on face book and you'll make some face book friends to keep you accountable. I do believe I found my "twin" if I were to ever have one in real life, she's the closest to that! We have never met, but we keep each other in check, and she has helped push me and keep me going! (Tausha!!)
You can't beat yourself up over a bad supper, or a bad day. It's over, keep going! Don't bend over and fall off the horse that would hurt too! Keep your head up, don't worry about what others think, and focus on the prize! Also, don't think "I'll start Jan. 1st 2015" why not now? Why wait that long? You can see so many results before january. You don't need a start date to wait for, you'll just use that as an excuse, and keep changing it. I did that a few times...
Take small steps and you will see results! I am!

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