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1/10/14 4:13 P

I like to watch shows on netflix while I do cardio either on the treadmill or eliptical. It seems to make the time go by quicker. When I lift I don't listen to anything, probably cuz I like to lift weights!

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1/10/14 3:42 P

Latin, especially reggaeton. Things like Daddy Yankee which make me feel sort of bad-ass. :)

I also listen to a lot of salsa, merengue, etc.

KRAFTYKRAFT SparkPoints: (99,493)
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1/9/14 2:09 P

I listen to the radio - either NPR or the local music station.

Music choices - I am a fan of 80s music and broadway soundtracks

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
1/9/14 12:58 P

has to be fast paced and pumping

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1/9/14 12:57 P

I was just looking at all these posts about music so that I didnt clog up the msg brds with another one lol And someone suggested a place called ... you just type in how fast you walk/jog/run and it gives you a VERY diverse playlist of songs within your beat. I found that I walk slowly, and the songs were too slow for me to want as walking music, so I just "upped" my speed by a couple minutes and it's perfect. Hope this helps emoticon

FORTYPLUS56 Posts: 3,197
1/9/14 12:45 P

Reggae, Calypso

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1/9/14 12:31 P

One song I like to walk to is this one:
This song is by Pixie Lott, her music is amazing! I always find myself strutting to this song when I go on walks xD

KYEAKLEY SparkPoints: (2,874)
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12/29/13 8:10 P

I usually put Pandora on Pitbull, 30 Seconds to Mars, or a Hip Hop Workout station. Those always get me pumped! emoticon

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12/29/13 6:14 P

I've found a lot of songs that are outside what I normally listen to with my fitness classes. I've downloaded them on iTunes. I would say whatever gets you pumped up is what you should listen to. There are some rockin' classical songs too (Ride of the Valkyries, Night on Bald Mountain, 1812 Overture.)

STILLLIFE15 SparkPoints: (781)
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12/29/13 5:49 P

A lot of people use music to keep them going during a workout.
My question for you, is:

What songs do you listen to, to keep motivated while working out?
Any specific artist? Genre? Song?


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