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I agree with Dragonchilde. And I would add that when you do resume training, dial back the intensity for a week or two, to give your body more time to adapt to the new demands you are making of it.


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7/29/13 7:30 P

Any kind of sharp, stabbing pain should be checked out by a doctor; Discomfort is normal, pain is not, and is a sign of injury. There'd be no way for us to provide you with advice online.

Whatever you do, when something hurts? Stop! Don't try to work through the pain. That just exacerbates injury, and can turn something that resolves with rest and time into something that needs repair surgically.

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7/29/13 2:04 P

I've been strength training doing upper, lower, and core exercises on different days. I've had little more than delayed onset muscle soreness which goes away in a day or 2.

Today was the 3rd day with these particular core exercises, and I had a sharp muscle pain 2" to the left of my belly button and 3" down toward my hip when I tried to do my jackknife on the ball. (lowering back to parallel with the ground is when it hits.) It was sharp enough that I had to stop. I remember a slight twinge on the last set last week when doing this, but it didn't hurt and I didn't think anything of it.

I did the other exercises (mainly lower back extensions and crunches) and then tried the jackknife again. I got through 3 with just a slight twinge, but the 4th was so sharp I fell off the ball. It acted up when I was nearly fully extended on the ball going for full extension. I don't feel it at any other time. Contracting doesn't bother it. When stretching on the floor after crunches, I can feel the left side is a bit tighter than the right, but not at all painful.

My question(s): Is it just the ab muscles that are complaining, or are there others there I should be concerned about? (My understanding of anatomy is lacking!) Will just resting it for a week or so be sufficient? Are there signs to watch for, or are there other things I should be doing? Advil?

Thanks for any insights you can give me.

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