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1/29/13 4:41 P

It's this kind of scale :

They just told me to do more strength training but they did not have much clue either
Well at least I am feeling better, I though there was something wrong with my body but it's probably some fancy measurements to make them look more professional
I'll keep working on revalidating totally then I'll focus on my BMI and my weight
Thank you very much

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I would certainly not take that for face value...the reason, I do not have any idea how they can separate your muscle mass from your lean body mass--if you know your body fat percentage, you can take that amount in pounds and subtract that from your total weight and that will give you your lean body mass--which is everything but your body fat--(including organs, bones, connective tissue, blood, etc).

I am not aware of any calculations that can determine the percentage of visceral fat and muscle mass--outside a laboratory setting with elaborate equipment. There are formulas you can use based on your lean body mass, not muscle alone, but once again, there are large margins of errors in these calculators.

Maybe discussing this with the staff at the gym could give you some better insight.

Coach Nancy

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1/29/13 4:22 P

No my body fat is sadly 43.3%... was 43.6% 6 weeks ago (it was only 26.7% 4 years ago) emoticon

They measured my body mass index (27.7), my visceral fat (8%, that's good), my weight and my muscle mass (now 23.9%) with a special scale.

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I am a little confused...because body percentages usually correlate to body fat and not lean body mass--are you sure you are understanding the readings. Lean body mass consist of not only muscle but bone, blood, organ and connective tissue. In a gym setting I am not aware of any way of measuring lean body mass--you can measure body fat % using skin calipers, hydrostatic (water displacement) measurement, even bio-impedance scale (which are not very accurate), but I am not too sure how they would measure lean body mass.

So you may want to verify what they are measuring. If the 24% is body fat, I would say you are doing pretty well.

Coach Nancy

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1/29/13 3:58 P

Hi there, I have some questions about muscle mass...
Four years ago I started to go to the gym, and my initial weight was 152lbs, with a BMI of 24.9 and 34% muscle mass.
Then I fell off the wagon and stopped going to the gym. Felt bad over myself and overate as well.
In august I fell and broke my right elbow and damaged my left knee. Got flexion contracture and had to do some physiotherapy. When physiotherapy ended, I was advised to keep on revalidating by training the muscles progressively at the gym.
So I checked in the gym again. I had gained weight, my BMI had climbed to 28.3 and my muscle mass was down to 24%. I can relate to that, I was not exercising...
Today I got my 6 week evaluation. I lost 3 pounds through the holidays and my BMI is down to 27.7 way to go !
But was concerns me is that my muscle mass is still going down. I am doing cardio, a circuit combining cardio and strength training, and core workouts. I would at least expect that it stays even...
And I am wondering why... I am a women, over de 45, is that aging process ?
Can that become a health issue if it keeps dropping ?
What would be a healthy muscle mass in my case and how can I reach it ?
Thank you for all your help and support emoticon

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