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9/10/12 2:05 A

Iamlovedbyyou...I understand exactly how you feel. I am a mother to 3 small children, a wife and just recently I became a stay-at-home mom because I felt like I didn't have time for my family, in addition I'm trying to lose the weight that I gained with my pregnancies.

Honestly, you're frustrations with it sounds like its going to send you in a downward spiral, especially since you say you eat junk then you want more junk. Look at your tracking like you are balancing a check book. Nobody likes a bank account with a negative balance and that's what happens when you forget to calculate a purchase and so on. If you stop tracking you may forget what you actually ate and then the pounds start coming back.

I wish I was only 10 lbs away from goal... HANG ON IN THERE!

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
9/9/12 4:32 P

emoticon Okay, I have been doing this for over six years there are days I want to say forget it and then I thing what in the heck am I talking about ...this is how I obtain my dream. Sure it can be a pain in the butt but oh the benefits.

emoticon Do I miss the consequences of my old, sure I could eat what ever, rarely drink water, not exercise but wow the pain it brought me... terrible health, diminished self-esteem, complaining about what I would not change, etc.....

so refocus and state why you are doing what you do. The choice is yours and yours alone.

I wish you well on this journey of life emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,023
9/7/12 5:52 P

If you are thinking this is a DIET and that it will BE OVER when you hit your goals, you will probably have to return later.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,256
9/7/12 2:05 P

I'm with Gavrielkay. You need to WANT this change and be willing to make it a healthy LIFESTYLE. If you stop doing healthy things, you will go back to being unhealthier; that's the fact of it.

Maybe in your 'mojo high' you were too restrictive with yourself? If you are measuring unhealthier food choices with your desires, sounds like you may be depriving yourself too much. It's about balance and portion control. A few chips or a small piece of cake can easily be worked into a healthy day, while the whole bag or whole cake probably can't be. Extremes just aren't useful for the long haul; cutting out ALL of something you like usually brings its own vengeance in binging later.

You recognize your excuses! that's a good beginning. It doesn't get easier after you are out of school, you know. Choosing your priorities now and making them into life-long positive habits is the best thing you can do for yourself.

I wish you every success.

9/7/12 1:26 P

Try to change your mindset first. It's about feeling great and being healthy, not about deprivation. I think it is ok to pause for a bit and regain your enthusiasm, but I also think you might be able to keep making progress if you really want to.

I've never completely cut anything out of my diet. Having the occasional sweet or salty snack is ok. Forcing yourself to give them up and then binging on them later is bad. Eat enough of the right foods to stay healthy and sprinkle in some goodies in small doses to keep you from feeling deprived. Telling yourself you can't have this or that makes you think about it more and crave it. I don't tell myself I can't have something, I just try not to keep the bad stuff in the house. Then I have to put effort into going to get it and probably won't bother.

Also, get as much exercise as you can, even if it's just going for a walk or being active with the kids you babysit. Any exercise helps keep your metabolism from bottoming out and slowing weight loss.

Maybe you can find a weight loss buddy to help keep you on track and share successes. Good luck!

9/6/12 11:34 P

I'm so tired of this.

Tired of the tracking, tired of the measuring, tired of thinking before I eat, tired of monitoring my body...

I have 10 pounds to go until I reach my "healthy" BMI level. Once I reach healthy, I'm going to stop. Initially I wanted to go further and try to lose more, but at this point, I just want to be done! Although I know that once I reach maintainence, it's not done, but it's different. The last 10 pounds are the hardest ones- yet at this point I feel like I'm reaching burn out.

My issues: I increased calories due to not wanting to burn out, yet all I do is fill them with junk food. When I eat junk, I want to eat more junk.

My busy schedule right now makes exercise difficult. I'm student 45 hours per week and taking two senior level college classes. On free evenings and weekends, I work (babysitting) in order to make money, since I don't make money student teaching. I try to get exercise in while I'm working (I watch the cutest little 3 month old who will watch me do crunches) but it's not the hour long hard cardio that I'm craving.

I did a sugar fast for 3 weeks, and felt AMAZING. However, it is hard to keep that up long term. So now, I'm right back where I started, eating cookies and ice cream ever night with an insatiable sweet tooth. I also found that during my sugar fast, I started eating nuts and salty, fatty foods in order to get enough calories and because I had been craving something tasty. I want to go back to sugar fasting, but I don't know if it is realistic. I just don't know if I can do it as a lifestyle.

Okay, I know that all of these are excuses, and I really just need to do it, but I've lost my mojo. Should I just eat n my maintainence range and get over it? Should I eat less? Should I do a different challenge? Should I take a break? I don't know. I feel like I went from "how can I make myself as healthy as possible?" to "What's the most amount of unhealthy foods I can eat and still lose weight?"

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