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2/16/14 11:45 A

Thank you for the replies ladies.
I eat late in the evening because I am bored and tired mostly and is usually in the carb family which doesn't sit well with me when splurging on them as it is always the heavier ones.... like the pasta leftovers from supper and so on. I have to work at being more mindful in the evenings. I do feel bloated the next morning when eating that way, sluggish as well. No, this is not a beginning journey for me really (with Spark it is). I used to exercise/workout a lot more intensely years ago ( 13 ish) but have stuck to a cardio routine on and off since then. The 1200 does through me even though I know that it is the healthiest way but I have been sticking to eat even when it makes me cringe. I joined the Herbal Magic in the area (I am very rural) and they did the eat like a mouse deal.
Okay, so digesting it all (no pun intended) and thinking it is the "what" I am eating and also the mindful of "why". K so yup I need to have a better choice for the evening snack.
Again Thank you ladies soooo much for the feedback

I am going to go out and grab some 100 popcorn for sure though emoticon emoticon

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2/16/14 2:04 A

In all reality, it doesn't matter whether we eat after dinner or not. What matters is what/how much we eat. I always allow for a snack before bed, and that is often around the 200 calorie mark. I always allow for my snacks and eat accordingly. I also eat tons of fruit/veges.

I have some questions:

* Are you hungry when you find yourself in the kitchen heading for the food? if so, then EAT.

* Have you just started this journey? If so, it is possible that you may have made too many changes at once. IF this is the case, step back a bit and just make gradual changes.

* The same applies to calories as it does with WHAT you eat and the amount of exercise you do.

* Are you UNDEReating for the amount of exercise you do? If, for example, you are eating 1400 calories, but you are burning 5-600 calories with exercise, then you need to eat more. It is recommended that an average weight woman who is sedentary eats a minimum of 1200 calories. If you are overweight and/or exercising, then you need more calories.

I hope that gives you something to think about.


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2/16/14 1:44 A

emoticon Yes, I can relate to that. I have always had a problem wanting to eat at night. For me, I have to keep certain things out of the house, so I do not eat them at night. I may have an evening snack, but it must be a 100 cal bag of popcorn, or a low fat cheese stick, veggies and yogurt dip, etc. I just try to keep only the best choices to snack on in the house, this helps me, I will not have other stuff there, or will eat it. You can't go and eat late at night, what's not there. Doing some craft projects helps keep my mind off food in the evening also and its fun.

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2/16/14 12:55 A

I am so bad later on in the evening and/or late at night. I end up strolling to the fridge or cupboard and eating/picking. Does anyone have any issues or had any issues with this and if so how did or are you coping with it?
I am in some need of accountability and support with this. There is a huge difference on scale days when I stop eating after 730. So when I fall I have to fight the throw in the towel tantrum from taking over.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is making me emoticon
Had to lighten it up some emoticon

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