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6/5/13 12:44 P

oh, and lately I am LOVING Pink. I bought 2 used CDs (both clean versions), and they are GREAT!

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6/5/13 12:42 P

Is there a certain song that you must play during every work out?"

depends on the workout:
running - I need a good beat, but also need a mix of tempo so I don't overrun or underrun
strength training - usually just a mix of songs I like
5k / 10k - a very specific timed playlist works wonders. There are certain songs that I love to run to, or that motivate me to keep going no matter how much I want to walk, so I include them in my race playlist (Cake - The Distance, Tom Petty - Runnin' Down a Dream, Young The Giant - My Body, The Offspring - Original Prankster, etc.)

my MP3 has everything from Audioslave to Hank Williams Sr!

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6/5/13 12:05 P

The stuff that keeps me going is dubstep honestly. Skrillex, Klaypex, Ephixa - all my favorites. Even some Sub Focus. Personally dubstep just makes me stoked on life and gives me energy to keep going.

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6/3/13 9:57 A

Cardio (High Intensity)
Outkast- B.O.B, Ghettomusick, The Way you Move, Hey Ya
Black Eyed Peas- Pump it, The Time
Beyonce- Get Me Bodied, Bootylicious
Eminem- Til I Collapse
Rihanna- Don't Stop the Music
Pitbull feat Ne-Yo- Give Me Everything

Cardio (Low Intensity) Walking
Kendrick Lamar- Don't Kill My Vibe, m.A.A.d city, Money Trees

KAYAHSLOANE1 Posts: 10,520
5/29/13 6:11 P

I like all kinds of music but Latin, some techno, dance and soul music are my go to songs during a workout! Reminds me to make another workout playlist soon.

Sample of a few songs I listen to during cardio--
End of Time--Beyoncé
Magic Love--Bent
New York City Nights--Leif Garrett
Quisiera Ser--Alejandro Sanz
Glamorous/Glamorous Life--Fergie/Sheila E.
Quero Te A Sambar--Yuliet Topaz

Strength Training is upbeat but a little bit slower so I don't go totally insane and injure myself!

CAYCESMOM Posts: 381
5/29/13 1:42 P

When I am doing cardio, I always listen to music and I seem to always play these songs:

United - Judas Priest
I Don't Care - Fall out Boy
I Feel like Dancing - All Time Low
I am Woman - Helen Reddy

I am apparently confused about which decade I'm in............. emoticon

5/29/13 11:23 A

We just watched John Fogerty's concert last night, and I'd have to say, it rocked! I remember dancing to a lot of his tunes in high school. It made me want to jump up and do it again! His new album out yesterday is "Wrote A Song For Everyone."

5/28/13 9:28 A

For working out (weight lifting) I now like to listen to what's called "Euro-Trance", for some reason it gets me PUMPED to lift.

Sipping coffee in the early morning I like current country music.

Goin to the club with my gf: Current pop-music, alternative 80's or country line dancing.

intimate time (vanilla): R&B
intimate time (non-vanilla): music from The Matrix Soundtrack (and other music like that)

Alone time: JAZZ (non-vocal)

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5/28/13 9:06 A

I am a huge, huge music freak.. I love all music except the hardest metal (screaming kind) and no rap..there have been some R&B songs that have rap within the songs and those are cool too!

What music gets you going to be dancing too for your work outs, what do you dig?

I find it funny because some days I can work out to country while other days are in my era of the 70s and 80s I do like some of the 90s stuff too..

Is there a certain song that you must play during every work out?

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