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My doctor told me once that I was OBESE, weigh in at 208 pounds. I should weigh 180 he said, call back when I was ready for a stress test on the treadmill. I challenged myself right here on SparkPeople to lose weight. I had know choice but to just do it. So I increased my mileage on the treadmill 2 miles to 5 miles, 4-6 days a week. I also increased my reps exercising in the gym. I did not step on a scale until 6 weeks later and thought it was broken and stepped on another. Sure enough I lost 12 pounds. After 4 months I called my doctor and made the appointment for the stress test which I passed. He was really impressed with my weight loss weighing in at 171.
Don't live or be discouraged with the scale. Work hard and you will reach your goals

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I compiled a list of exercise benefits (just a few, there are many more) none of which have anything to do with weight loss but each one of these can add days, months and years to your life. I hope this helps keep you motivated.

-Increases lung capacity

-Increases immunity fighting immunoglobulins

-Increases mood due to an increase in mood-enhancing chemicals-serotonin, dopamine and nor-epinepherine

-Builds lean muscle mass and bone mass=decrease risk of osteporosis

-Lowers blood pressure, heart rate and stronger heart

-Over time your risk for cardio-vascular disease and type II diabetes falls

-Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) levels

-Increases in HDL (good cholesterol) levels

-Lowers triglycerides

-Your runs, walks and other exercises become easier
-Cuts in your cancer risk

-You feel better and have more energy

-You feel younger and more confident

-Improves posture

-Increases self-esteem

-Helps with sleep
-Controls stress

- Increases the volume of your muscle mitochondria which leads burning more carbs and fats

-Doubles your muscles ability to use oxygen, therefore, you are better able to use fat as an energy source

Coach Nancy

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I guess it depends on what one calls "immediate results" - if you mean that you expect weight to suddenly drop, then that is totally unrealistic and won't happen, other than fluid lost from sweating.

IF however you think of "immediate" as benefiting your heart, your lungs, your energy, your mood, how you feel about yourself for having achieved the exercise, then you are probably quite correct.

If you find it really hard to motivate yourself to do exercise "for enjoyment' and/or 'for your overall health and well-being' then try to incorporate it into something else that you are doing so that it doesn't seem like exercise. Examples are taking the stairs instead of a lift - RUNNING up the stairs if you are able! Dancing while vacuuming! Putting laundry and groceries away one at a time. I do this for the bulk of my exercise and it works well for me - apart from the physical aspect (I have arthritis of the spine and scoliosis, so it is easier on my body walking like this) it doesn't seem like work and yet it doesn't seem like exercise. For me it is a win/win situation.

If you sit and watch TV, why not get a Gym Ball and sit on that. Just sitting on it exercises your muscles trying to maintain your balance. Of course, once you are on them it is very hard not to start bouncing up and down, and from there it can very soon develop to rolling around on the floor with them. It all helps and is even better when having fun. Talking of fun - how about going bowling with friends? What about walking around a park with a friend while having a chat. Anything is better than nothing - and you would be getting some fresh air to boot! Find an activity that you enjoy then you are far more likely to stick with it, even if it is only because you enjoy it and not because it is a chore!


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12/8/12 2:44 A

I exercise and I expect immediate results and when I realize that is unrealistic I withdraw from exercising. I need any ideas to help me stray away from doing so. Thanks

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