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I have issues with night time eating, as well. Good for you for not giving in. I usually crave protein, and keep something portion controlled on hand, like string cheese or prepackaged nuts. I save calories to cover that planned snack. I also drink something, like water or hot decaf tea when I find myself in the kitchen. I find a bedtime routine, complete with a comfort of hot sleepy tea, soothing music, lavender bed spray help to get to sleep. Staying asleep is a different matter. still struggling with that.

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At SparkPeople, we believe that sleep is a key building block that can help you reach many different goals. Proper sleep helps you ward off stress and depression, increases mental focus, improves your mood, and even helps prevent cravings.

By reading the articles and joining the Better Sleep Challenge, you’ll learn how you can sleep your way to a healthier, happier life.

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Hi, everyone. I'm new, and I'm sure this has been asked before, but I'm still having a hard time finding my way around, so I hope it's ok to start a new thread.

I have a hard time sleeping, and I'm noticing that, while I toss and turn, I keep wanting to dive into something high fat and high calorie and consume it without regard for portion size. A small bowl of cereal or a handful of nuts just feels like deprivation. The cravings, which I know are about wanting to feel comforted by something familiar, make it even harder to sleep. I haven't given in to them yet, but I've only been tracking what I eat for a couple of days.

The things I do during the day to stay motivated (like try out a new healthy recipe, log on to SP, or complete a Fast Break goal) don't work as well (or at all) at night, so I'm in search of some strategies.

Does anyone have any tips that they'd recommend? If so, I'd be super grateful for them. Thanks for reading! Hope everyone's having a good evening!

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