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1/9/13 2:11 A

I definitely agree with you there!
I definitely feel compassion and sympathy for those who simply cannot move due to mobility issues, but I know so many people that just come up with these ridiculous excuses as to why they can't work out, or why they can't eat right. The reality is, they're trying to legitimate their unhealthy lifestyles. Those are the same people that complain about their weight in one breath, and tell you they don't feel like working out in the next.

For me, motivation is what started me, and now habit is what keeps me going (oh, and lots of trial and error). Exercise is a planned part of my day. It's as habitual as eating.

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1/9/13 12:36 A

It's NEVER there when you need it the most

The secret? Just do it

Dont feel like exercising? Dont think about why you shouldn't do it, even better, don't even think about anything, just adopt the 'robot' mode, put your shoes on and go for it

We all have a million excuses why it's ok to skip a work out. Too tired, too busy, it's cold, it's hot...

They are just excuses!

Even if you don't feel motivated, just do what you need to do, like a chore or a task that NEEDS to be done regardless - think about it, it's like having a shower or brushing your teeth... we just do it because it needs to be done!


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