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7/18/13 11:21 A

COngratulations and great job!!!

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7/17/13 1:32 P

Thanks for your post. I've had success making small goals, too. After reading your story, I think I'll make a few more mini goals to help me on my last half of my weight loss.

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7/17/13 12:28 P

I began my umpteeth time trying to lose weight at my all time highest 257. Today just over a month over I am 238, 1lb away from 20lb loss. I have my large goal of 150lb by the end of next June set but I make small goals. I am running my first 5k on August 24th and the 9mile run for the diamonds on thanksgiving. I wanted to lose 20lb by august which i have shattered by half a month. I want to lose another 10 by September 1st or beginning of fall semester. Another big goal is to lose 50lbs by new years eve which would put me on the edg of the healthy BMI. Have big and small goals and push yourself. I live by this quote during my workout "When your mind says you can't push twice as hard and show it you can"

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