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HIKING247 Posts: 21
11/25/13 8:14 P

Thanks for the tips and support guys! Today was a good day, and tomorrow will be as well!

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11/25/13 12:21 P

For me, it was setting a small goal. My worst snacking habits occurred at work, so I made a point to track everything I ate while at work. Then I found myself annoyed because my whole day wasn't tracked (I'm a completionist, lol) so I just started tracking all over again.

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11/25/13 12:15 P

Don't wait to find your motivation, just get up and start exercising. Don't think about "getting on track" again, think "I WILL DO THIS!" and just do it. If you keep waiting and waiting for something to "spark" (hehe) you, then you will not find it. You need to be the motivation for yourself. Just start off simple. For me, it would be watching music videos. They usually get me pumped up enough to start moving. Think about what you have accomplished so far, and how it will all be lost if you stay on this path. you can do it, just gotta start right now!

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11/25/13 8:43 A

Here is an article (among many other good ones)
25 Ways to Get Back on Track Today
Don't Give Up on Your Goals!
-- By Nicole Nichols, Fitness Instructor & Health Educator

I wish you success emoticon

p.s.CAPTATHLETICA has great advise!! emoticon

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HIKING247 Posts: 21
11/25/13 7:42 A

I've been on a month long "vacation". It's turning into something I'm losing control of, and I'm getting scared I will fall into my old lifestyle and habits.

What are your best tips to stop a slide, re-find your motivation, and get back on track?

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