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5/14/13 11:44 A

Right on BLOOGRL! emoticon

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What motivates me is the life I've got ahead of me. I'm in my early 20's...I want to be a psychologist. If I don't buckle down and get confidence in can I ever motivate any future clients to better themselves? I don't want to suffer a heart attack because of my extra weight or lose limbs to diabetes. I don't want to isolate myself from people anymore because I worry what they think of me. I want to be proud of who I am and where life has brought me and the struggles I willed myself through to get there.

5/13/13 4:47 P

Lovely answer! emoticon I can definitely identify with that. I don't have kids but one of my major motivators is to get healthy so I can set positive examples for my kids when I do decide to have them.

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To be honest, it has been found in me. When I really was getting frustrated a few weeks ago, (I have a long way to go, even though I have come a long way too) and considered what it took to give up. Then I realized that I wouldn't be happy to stay at my current weight. So, in a year, if I maintained but quit right here, I would be starting over again, where, if I keep going, I will be at my goal in a year. I realized that I will never get to where I want to be by staying where I am. The time will pass anyway. I want to make it productive.

What started my motivation was looking at my beautiful near 2 year old. I don't want her to eat too much or have all these issues. I want her to love eating healthy. She only will if I help her. So, I'm setting the healthy examples!

5/13/13 3:17 P

Just curious. . . What motivates you? Is it motivational quotes, images, music? Please share!

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“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” ~ James Joyce

“It is never too late —in fiction or in life— to revise.” ~ Nancy Thayer

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” ~ Jim Ryun

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