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1/10/13 4:54 P

You have already motivated your group by doing the only thing you can - setting a good example. Seeing you has encouraged them to try and that's terrific! But you can't do more than that because they have to do it for themselves. Continue to set a good example. Continue to achieve and illustrate the results of a healthy lifestyle. Let your results speak for themselves. Some will follow, others won't. Congratulations - you're doing something right!

1/10/13 2:57 P

There might be a better place to post this, but I decided on this forum since it deals mostly with motivation.

I have a high-stress and I've been working really hard on having a healthier relationship with foods, fitness, and my self-esteem. My co-workers have noticed a change in me, a bounce in my step, if you will and have decided that they would like to join in on a healthy body challenge. Because my house is too small to accommodate 10 people AND I don't have nearly enough equipment to share among that amount of people, I made the suggestion of joining a gym together.

We don't make a ton of money, so I did my best to research an affordable gym. I finally found one and then a few people backed out saying they just don't have the time to exercise. Fine. No worries, I'm still motivated and just might join the gym by myself! It just stinks to have seen them so excited, but then back off where it really counts.

I know you can't change the minds of others and that everyone has to be willing not forced, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on motivating a group to want to be healthy... Obviously they have it in them somewhere, but if you have any ideas for a challenge they can do on their own, I am taking suggestions.

A lot of people say the Biggest Loser Challenge, but everyone I know that has put them on is solely focused on losing a large amount of weight in a small amount of time and I really don't want a group challenge to advocate that instead of whole body health.

Any input is appreciated!

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