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12/20/12 1:27 A

Totally right, TABBYBOO3! Instead of my usual ritual of one day binging on everything in sight & the next day trying to come a world-class athlete, thanks to SparkPeople, I started small: eliminated one unhealthy habit, then added one healthy habit, then exercised 10 minutes (even tho' I'd been exercising 60-120 minutes/day, it was never consistent). By only committing to 10 minutes per day, I never felt guilty if that's all I did; but 9 times out of 10 I did more. Plus, I had a streak going for over two years of exercising EVERY SINGLE DAY until my surgery this summer. The key is slow & easy & know that this is a lifestyle change; not a quick fix diet.
We can do this together!!!

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12/20/12 12:47 A

Im in the very same situation! I have bounced back and forth with weight loss and gain usually due to me losing motivation. I must say though now that I have finally understood that its a whole lifestyle change I've been able to stay motivated much easier. I started with little food changes daily (such as limiting dessert and cutting out sodas) and then worked towards excercising more and more. It starts to become routine and much easier:) Its hard but with a little push Im sure you will see awesome results!

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12/20/12 12:26 A

Look at yourself, is this what you want

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12/20/12 12:25 A

Boy, have YOU come to the right place!
Have been part of SP for--can't remember how many least 4? Recently turned 62, but spent decades with weight going up & down; ballooned to 205# on my 5'3" frame in 2002 after divorce, having been married 30 years. Originally part of Biggest Loser Club, but my online friends migrated to SP & I've been here ever since. Had gotten down to 126, gained a little following surgery/recovery this past summer, but continue to stay connected, track foods/ exercise & love this place & the people.
Check out my SparkPage for more info about me. Even here in SP I struggled at first, but read emoticon , which made a world of difference. I stay plugged in, receive daily emails, part of teams, etc. Best tool that's helped is the Nutrition Tracker, which keeps me totally accountable.
As long as you follow the suggestions that many others have done to achieve success, you'll do great! emoticon

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12/19/12 11:52 P

Starting over again... yes, I have tried weightloss numerous times throughout the past few years. Had some success but the weight came back. In highschool I used to dance daily as part of a competition team. Since graduating I have gained weight and definitely need to get rid of it. College food, partying, lack of exercise all adds up to a very unhealthy me. I am currently at the highest weight I have ever been and I am determined to lose 75 pounds by next school year (sept 2013)! If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, etc to help inspire and motivate me that would be awesome! This seems like a great community

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