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3/26/13 4:10 P

My daughter's getting married Oct 14th of this year! I lost 30+ lbs this past year and am maintaining now for the wedding, so I'm sort-of with you there. I bought my mom of the bride outfit already and plan to not gain any weight back so it still looks good on the wedding day. :) Best of luck to you on your journey.

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3/26/13 7:59 A

Welcome to SP, where the rubber meets the road.

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3/26/13 12:43 A

Hi, saw your post and wanted to reply. Would be happy to be a resource for you. Going to a wedding myself in June - not a whole lot of time for me to prepare, however, purchased Jillian Michaels program and do that 6 days a week, use Spark People as a tool, and because I have felt so much better since starting this 3 weeks ago, I have a vision that in June, I'll feel healthier and have no unrealistic expectations other than my effort will equal my results.

Email me when you have time!

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3/25/13 10:10 P

I only wish I had that much time!..My daughter got engaged around Thanksgiving so I didn't have much luck trying to lose weight around the holidays. My daughter gets married in just a couple of weeks. I joined the YMCA after the first of the year. I take an indoor cycling class at 5:40 am Monday through Friday, strength training for the upper body Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work. Aqua fit class on Sunday and a swimming lesson on Tuesday night. I have only been able to drop about 10 pounds, so it is what it is. It is so difficult to lose weight as we get older. I am 49 on April 9th. Work as hard as you can, but in the end, you just need to remember it is a beautiful event and all eyes will be on your daughter anyway!

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3/25/13 9:26 P

Hi my daughter is getting married Oct 12/13 and I so desperately want to lose at least 50 lbs by then. I am a 52 year old woman and would love to have someone who has similar stats to mine to share our journey together and hopefully encourage each other along the way.

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