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11/17/12 6:02 A


STILLHERE1111 SparkPoints: (5,744)
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11/16/12 11:09 P

Evening, but working on being a morning person as they get more done. emoticon

BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
11/16/12 9:30 P

mid day

11/16/12 3:20 P

I am actually a middle of the day person but I force myself to be a morning person. It's how I get things done

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11/16/12 2:30 P


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11/16/12 9:03 A


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11/16/12 7:35 A


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11/14/12 9:40 A


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11/14/12 8:56 A


BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
11/13/12 9:33 P

Definitely morning person, lunch, afternoon nap, get supper ready, clean up kitchen and thats it !!

SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,746
11/13/12 11:49 A

How about late afternoon??? That's me!

GDANE3 SparkPoints: (242,680)
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11/13/12 9:32 A


ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
11/13/12 6:49 A

I'm definitely a morning person. My morning begins at 3 am every day. emoticon I workout at 6 am at the crack of dawn. I love to be walking when the sun rises. emoticon emoticon I am ready for bed at 5 pm, but try to wait until 6 or 7 pm..

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INSH8P Posts: 1,832
11/13/12 6:39 A

Definitely evening.... I love the stillness of morning, but for getting things done, count on working against the predominant tide of 9 to 5.

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
11/8/12 3:36 P

May I be both with a good afternoon siesta? I love early morning quiet and am quite productive then, but I also enjoy the night owlishness.... so when I retire at the end of the school year I may dabble in that life style. As it is now, I am at school by 6:15 every day and rarely go to bed before 10 or 10:30... and the naps are few and far between!

Probably my adjustment will be to sleep to 6:30 or so and continue to be in bed at the usual time most nights, with an occasional late night with a book as a treat!

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11/7/12 8:32 P


BONIPATI SparkPoints: (6,552)
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11/7/12 7:54 P

never thought i'd say it but now i am a morning person

LIFETIMER54 Posts: 1,478
11/7/12 7:17 P

evenings hands down.... emoticon

11/7/12 2:53 P

night owl here

LIVELAUFLUV Posts: 1,522
11/7/12 1:21 P

Definitely a morning person

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
11/7/12 8:35 A


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11/6/12 6:44 P


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11/6/12 11:22 A


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11/6/12 10:17 A


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11/5/12 10:57 P


NEWKATHYNOW SparkPoints: (189,419)
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11/1/12 1:02 A

Both. I worked a 12 hr overnight shift for years going in at 7pm. My favorite time of day is just as dawn is breaking. It's so quiet and fresh, which I find both calming and exciting.Now that I'm no longer at work I'm sometimes going to bed after dawn starts breaking. Other days I'm getting up then and enjoying a brand new day!

DENMARFARR SparkPoints: (0)
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10/31/12 10:37 P

BOTH! I teach at a school in the day, and clean another school at night emoticon

RICHERYL Posts: 1,034
10/31/12 10:48 A

have been both thru out my life - a morning person during the years that I had to care for, get hubby up and out to work, deal with children, or gettting myself out the door for work, but now that my kids are grown and gone, my hubby and I are retired, I only rise early in the mornings IF there is something important going on. Often I am up til very late at night, reading or watching TV as I crochet baby blankets for my local chapter of Project Linus. My time is now more or less my own.

LIFETIMER54 Posts: 1,478
10/31/12 7:26 A


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10/31/12 5:46 A


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10/31/12 4:12 A


DAKOTA4411 Posts: 1,009
10/31/12 2:50 A


BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
10/30/12 5:35 P

Both.. but mid afternoon is hard for me! I love to be up alone early.. and I'm a night owl at times.... some of it depends on the time of the year. When I finally retire I think I'll just plan for a good afternoon nap on our napping couch a couple of times a week!

MIZKAREN Posts: 53,980
10/17/12 8:58 A


ARTSYGIRLV2 Posts: 1,232
10/17/12 7:19 A


GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
10/16/12 10:12 P

Morning person for sure

JLLOVETT SparkPoints: (14,660)
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10/16/12 2:59 P


SUSANS706 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/16/12 1:06 P

Evening, night owl for sure

QUEENESTHERP SparkPoints: (0)
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10/16/12 11:20 A

Depends on what shift my husband is working! Rotating shifts, hours change every 2 has been this way forever and it is normal for us, but a little harder as we age. I prefer evening.

AFORTN Posts: 395
10/16/12 10:58 A

morning - definitely!

MIZKAREN Posts: 53,980
10/16/12 9:13 A


SANDYCRANE SparkPoints: (103,491)
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10/16/12 7:18 A

Morning. emoticon

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10/16/12 7:07 A


KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
10/16/12 6:39 A


GDANE3 SparkPoints: (242,680)
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10/16/12 6:04 A


KACEYSW Posts: 5,601
10/15/12 11:39 P

Definitely a night person.

SELTZER111 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/15/12 11:24 P

Morning can't believe I am still awake LOL

FAMILYMAN9 Posts: 2,619
10/15/12 6:39 P


LADYJNAR SparkPoints: (28,932)
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10/15/12 1:51 P

Morning! I love the quiet and the coolness. I love having breakfast and reading my bible with no interruptions. I also love getting my workout done early because it makes me feel more energized for the rest of the day.

LINWASH23 SparkPoints: (86,372)
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10/15/12 10:53 A

I just love to get up early in the morning while everyone else is asleep and the house is quiet. I am a morning person, how about you? emoticon

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