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1/9/13 8:24 P

i agree sounds like u got it figured out good luck!

1/9/13 7:16 P

Well, it seems to me that you already know the answer. You need to cut some of the stressers out of your life. Say "no" sometimes. Make time for yourself.

I used to be a full-time student, who worked full-time. My family was very needy (lots of giving rides to people). I had sickly, and very much loved family members who needed tending to. AND I had to learn to not take on too much. I had to make time for myself.

Simply explain to others that your schedule is FULL, and that you are feeling unwell because you need more rest. A supportive family will understand.

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1/9/13 7:12 P


Sorry if I misunderstood your request. We do have a Stress Busting Challenge team here on SparkPeople (see link below) which takes you through a 4 week program of action steps to take to help one cope better to stress. Just a thought...

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/9/13 5:35 P

I should probably clarify then, that I am not seeking medical advice, just shared opinions/insights on how others cope with stress in healthy ways.

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1/9/13 5:17 P


While SparkPeople is a wonderful community of support and encouragement when it comes to questions related to one's health, even if someone has a similar situation, it is outside the scope of advice for our experts and members to offer suggestion short of talking with your doctor or talking with a professional to help you cope with the stress and anxiety you are undergoing.


Coach Nancy

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1/9/13 5:02 P

Hi everyone. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct forum, but I was wondering if anyone else had an issue similar to this. Let me explain:

I have awakened with morning nausea that ranges from mild to severe ever since middle school (so before anyone asks, this is not a pregnancy-related issue). It dissipates with stress and anxiety. I was off from both of my jobs and school last week and it was HEAVEN. I didn't have any problems at all last week.

I know its a stress and anxiety related problem; if I don't rest, its especially worse. This week has been insanity for me: my older sister has moved back to town, living with our mother, and trying to go to school (the same as me) even though she has to file an academic appeal. I have been her transportation this week and her soundboard for her ranting, at the appeal process and her relationship issues.

Her stress is contagious, haha!

Not only that, but the semester is about to begin, and I am taking some insane courses while working a part-time job through the school that I absolutely love and another one at a retail chain that just pays the bills.

My problem is that I wake up so nauseous, with other stomach issues that I almost can't even get out of bed. I certainly don't want to, anyway, and its hard to focus at school. I also don't eat because of it, not until late afternoon, and I just don't feel "normal" afterward. I know seeing a doctor is probably the best idea but I am uninsured, so if anyone can suggest natural ways, or alternative routes for dealing with anxiety, I'd love to give them a shot, because I want to do really well this semester.

Thanks! Sorry for the novel.

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