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3/22/14 10:58 P

you need a calorie deficit

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3/21/14 10:19 A

Patience, for at least another couple of weeks. There's a ton of things that could be causing the scale to frustrate you while you are nevertheless losing fat. First and foremost, the increase in exercise could be causing water to be retained in your muscles. (The ones used in biking are among the biggest muscles in the body by the way.) This is a good thing -- it makes them work more efficiently -- but it does mean that for people who experience this effect the scale can be frustrating for the first month or so after a drastic increase in exercise. Second, you could be experiencing an ill-timed hormone effect and be a couple days away from seeing the scale drop 4 pounds in 2 days for no reason either. It's too soon to know.

Second -- have you adjusted your calorie intake for your increased exercise? It's important to eat enough to fuel what you are doing. This may or may not actually be affecting your attempt to lose weight (I don't think anybody knows for sure how these things work), but it's important for other reasons not to try for too large a calorie deficit. No more than 1000 calories a day on average including your exercise, that's the rule, and probably half that if you are already close to your goal weight.

Third -- I haven't checked your tracker, but are most of your calories coming from good nutritious food? I have no proof on this either, but it seems so very often when someone comes in and says they are exercising a ton, staying to the low end of their range or even lower, and still not losing weight, they happen also to be getting a sizable fraction of their calories from sugary, starchy snacks, liquid calories, and so on. So if that happens to be the case, maybe working on what you are eating (rather than how much) would help.

But to sum up -- unless your calories are now obviously too low for your amount of exercise, I personally would not suggest changing anything at all for at least another few weeks. There may be no actual problem at all. You're doing good things for yourself and they're worthwhile in and of themselves. The scale's not worth driving yourself crazy over.

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3/21/14 10:16 A

It is muscle gains, if exercise is new to you. The leg muscles are some of the biggest in the body, and can offset weight loss temporarily. Do measurements, but as long as you know the diet is the same as it was when you were losing before, just be patient. In a few weeks, the muscle will have adapted to the extra exercise, and stop growing when you do the same amount of exercise. Then you will continue losing fat, because of your calorie deficit, and it will show up on the scale.

The only thing I have to wonder is if you were already losing steadily on your diet, or if you started both at the same time. Sometimes we do 2 things, and when we get no results, have no idea which one is a problem. It could be the diet if you weren't losing beforehand.

Exercise is a poor instrument for weight loss, most often just causes temporary weight loss due to sweating ( water weight loss ), which disappears later when you either drink more, or eat because you are hungry from working out.

So keep exercising, which is never a bad thing, but do that for muscle gains, and cardiovascular benefit, and not weight loss.

If you continue to see no weight loss, or can't see a reduction in measurements, then you need to look at your diet, since that is how you lose weight. Give it a few more weeks though. Hopefully, it is just muscle gains, which happens whenever we start exercising

3/21/14 10:00 A

I went on a bus trip to Washington DC last year, and we walked for MILES!!! I thought for sure that I was going to lose big time. But was only down .6 when I weighed in:( My coach told me that I probably didn't eat enough, so my body was holding on to everything. Weight loss is the most frustrating thing I've ever done. No matter what I do, I always tend to lose slow. But I'm back at it again...hopefully this time with success. Best of luck!

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3/21/14 9:23 A

Have you been keeping track of your measurements? It's possible that you're losing inches while your weight remains consistent. While biking is generally considered cardio, you are building some muscle in your legs while doing it.

Are you logging your fitness minutes as well as your food? Sometimes you need to up your calorie intake to lose weight if you're burning more calories.

At any rate, I wouldn't expect to see a huge loss after 3 weeks, but the fact that you feel good and have energy should definitely be a plus that you take away from your added activity!

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3/21/14 9:00 A

I am riding my bike to work - 13 miles there and back. I've been doing this for three weeks more or less. I have not seen my scale move below 1 lb., during this time. I've been eating the same and staying on the low end of the calorie range. I am somewhat confused. I feel fine. I have energy, but would like to see my number go down already. Can my body be holding on to my fat for some reason or am I building muscles that keep the scale at about the same? How can I boost my weight loss?

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