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6/18/12 9:30 A

Can you do the modified exercises? When I started, I only did the workout 5 days/week, so I made sure to do the full 10 days at each level, but I was doing it in addition to Y classes. I lost 15 lbs. in the 30 days. The other Y classes I was doing was Zumba for 45 min. twice a week.

I would try to do a week of the modified exercises if you can and if you tolerate that well, then start the full blown exercises and start your shred from there. I would do the full blown exercises for at least a week before moving on to another level. Personally, I thought level 2 was easier than level 1. I liked 3 well enough, but 2 was always my favorite.

Blessings, Michelle

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6/18/12 9:28 A

I agree with FLUFFYWOOL in that it sounds like you are not ready to move on to the next level. I would only do so if you can complete the current level.

Progress happens at a different pace for different people. Take the "30 Day" thing with a grain of salt. As long as you're seeing continual progress, you're doing well! emoticon

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6/18/12 8:39 A

It sounds to me like you are not ready to move on, since you say you're not able to complete all the exercises. I would say ready to move on is when you can finish the whole thing with relative ease and feeling like you could do more.

Maybe you are not able to do everything yet, but can you do more than on day 1? If yes, then that's great, you are making progress! If it's still just as much of a struggle as ever, perhaps your body needs a rest day, or it could be that this particular video is just not a good fit for you at this point.

good luck!

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6/18/12 8:11 A

Today will be day 8 on my 30 day shred journey and I have a few more questions.

1) Jillian says to move on to the next level when ready. What does this mean? Do I do level 2 after the first 10 days or stick to level 1 because I am still really struggling with it?

2) Does it get easier? - Jillian says that after day 5 or 6 I should notice an increase in endurance. I haven't noticed that. Everything is still really tough. I can only use 1 pound weights (and on the second reps I often have to drop them) and I don't come close to finishing the circuit one cardio.

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