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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/25/12 6:30 A

you may not be doing anything wrong
your body may be adjusting

many of us have experienced slow downs or stops in the weight category due to a lot of factors.

Think of it as practice for maintenance

GORIANA Posts: 4,420
8/24/12 7:37 P

I was on a plateau for over a year. Just this Spring things started to move again. What I was doing was nott working any more. I was still trying to lose weight as if I weighed my original weight, but I needed less calories and more regular exercise. I had to examine everything. After I read the article about 'before during and after' journaling, it set me back on track. Some specific things I needed to do:
1) eat more home cooked meals
2) eat within my calorie ranges, consistently (more often than not)
3) increase workouts from 45 min to 60 minutes
4) switch my cardio from the gym to the pool
5) correct misdirected actions soon as I'm aware of it

these things worked for me, but you might need to come up with a different list. Analyze what you are doing and start tweaking until you find the right combination.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 60,165
8/24/12 6:10 P

You have already gotten some great advice. Let me tell you that the closer you get to your goal weight, the slower you will lose. Your body also will sometimes take time to adjust to the changes and then you will start to lose again. I am sure you have already checked things like that you are eating enough and not too much, exercising enough and not too much for the calories you are taking in. Changing your routines and both with exercise and food sometimes helps also. Are you getting enough sleep? Often sleep deprivation/just not enough sleep accounts for failure to lose weight. If you are eating and exercising and following a healthy lifestyle, you will see progress eventually. Are you weighing and measuring the food you eat? Sometimes we are eating more than we think.

MISALINDA SparkPoints: (22,236)
Fitness Minutes: (13,057)
Posts: 331
8/24/12 3:05 P

Are you still measuring and weighing everything?
Still tracking everything?
Getting all your veggies, water, some dairy, protein?
Are you being honest with your food and exercise that you track?
Do you need to up the intensity of your exercise?
Redo the start up info with your current weight and activity level?
Do you need to switch up your diet or exercise plan?
Are you eating the calories you burn with exercise? If so, maybe cut back. If not, maybe start.

Go back to the basics and pretend you are new to the program. Sometimes that helps us see that we have been eyeballing portions, not quite getting our daily requirements in, etc.

Good luck!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
8/24/12 2:56 P

We have a three article series to help you find what might need to be adjusted to begin the scale moving again.

Plateau Busters - Part 1
Eat the Right Nutrients at the Right Times

Plateau Busters - Part 2
Include Adequate Rest in Your Exercise Program

Plateau Busters - Part 3
Add Variety to Your Workouts

Coach Tanya

KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
8/24/12 10:51 A

So it has been a whole month since I have lost a single pound. What am I doing wrong and what can I do to get unstuck. I have been doing pretty well staying in my calorie range. Any ideas or suggestions?

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