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KIMBERLY19732 Posts: 289
2/21/13 5:05 P

No earth shattering advice from me, except -maybe-start small. Best of luck! I'm friending you and hope you'll do the same.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,587
2/21/13 4:05 P

You have an addiction to sugar. It makes you "feel good" as it raises your serontonian levels in the brain. PROZAC does the same thing, but doesn't effect your blood sugar. If you don't have money or insurance you can go to your County Health Department or Mental Health Department and see a doctor according to the "ability to pay" scale.

I'm reading Richard Bernstein MD's "THE DIABETES DIET" and learning so much. He has several books on Diabetes Type 1 and on Type 2. He is a Type 1, having diabetes since age 12 and he is 78 now. He has lectures on YouTube that are worth listening to, as well. He says ALL obese people have Insulin Resistance. I know I have it. I'm concerned about having Fatty Liver Disease, which is another issue for us. He says all obese people should be on METFORMIN if they don't have Type 2 diabetes already, since it helps the cells receive insulin better and lowers blood sugar.

I've also read "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson MD. He has lectures on YouTube as well. He says fructose makes us fat. Sugar is half fructose.

Dr. Bernstein says that sugar increases the good feelings in the brain, but INSULIN in the blood keeps us from being able to lose weight as we won't burn fat as long as we have sugar in our system.

How you are now isn't unusual, so don't be to hard on yourself. It is like any addiction, it is HARD to get off of it. Do some reading and DO listen to these lectures on YouTube.

Others are "Wheat Belly" by William Davis MD and he has lectures on YouTube. Robert Lustig MD "SUGAR: the bitter truth" is another.

Dr. Bernstein says that as long as we are burning sugar, it is like having money, and we won't go get any out of the bank (our fat), so it is no wonder we have such a difficult time.

I am determined to be slim again.

2/20/13 9:22 P

I just read through the community board thread and looking at other people’s aha moment, the moment they decided to do something differently in order to lose weight. It seems good sense smacked most of them in the face and they heeded the call to get healthier.
Not me.
I know I am morbidly obese. I know it is affecting my joints because I can feel it. I know it is affecting my heart; I can hear myself breathing and know how winded I get with the least amount of exertion. I know it is affecting every aspect of my life from not being able to get insurance to not being take seriously as job candidate to not having a fulfilling sex life.
I can look at that package of cookies and know I am going to eat everyone of them. I know it’s going to clog my arteries, make it more difficult to walk and do the things I love to do. I know it’s going to add to my problems, not solve them. I know all this and still I open the package and start.
I am an emotional eater; I know this. My question is, is it really about changing the dialogue your internal self has when you want to eat?
And what is it other people tell themselves to make the connection to what they are putting in their mouths to their fat? It’s not like putting on make - up; you apply some lipstick and you can see it right there on your face. But overeating is like smoking; it sneaks up on you. It doesn’t just appear all at once. I can’t make the connection that the crap I am putting into my body is going to kill me.... someday.
Any advice, real advice, would be appreciated. If anyone has undergone therapy for over eating, I would appreciate hearing from you. Did it work? Would you recommend it? How did you find a good therapist? Also any book recommendations would be appreciated.
I am not prepared to start my journey yet but I am trying to ready myself.

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