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2/18/12 4:00 P

If you have enough mobility in your legs, there are some exercise bikes are low to the ground and the seats are wide. Its very similar to sitting in a regular chair. You can also get a really inexpensive version where you sit in your own chair and use a set of pedals on a sturdy base that sits on the floor. You could try a rowing machine. There are also hand bikes where use use your arms instead of legs to pedal. Or try to find an inexpensive wheelchair and use your arms to roll yourself around a track or trail that is wheelchair accessible. Call your Dr. S/He is familiar with your condition and may be able to offer suggestions without even scheduling an appointment.

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2/18/12 11:25 A

I used to do a "sit and be fit" program with disabled adults. We used fitness bands for the upper body but a combination of bands and lighjt dumbells would be ideal.You can do all kinds of creative moves with the bands. The main thing is to keep moving. We also did quarter squats to elevate the heart rate, in other words you rise just a few inches or even one inch out of your chair which is harder than it sounds. Done to your favorite music, start with 5 minutes.Work up from there

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2/18/12 6:29 A

Can you swim? You can get a great cardio workout swimming.

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2/18/12 3:31 A

Can't walk without a cane or walker, but I need some kind of exercise that will elevate my heart-rate enough for some cardio benefit. I'm really out of shape so it shouldn't take much to get my heart rate up if I can find something I can do from a chair. Any idea?

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