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1/28/12 4:18 P

You are right Arch. She had a very large following because of her abstinence from Alcohol. Her blogs were a chronical of her journey of not drinking. Maybe it just got to be too much. Thanks.

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1/28/12 3:43 P


Some people do pick up and leave Spark People without telling their Spark friends. I know it would be considerate to tell "friends" you're shutting down your page before you do it, but some people prefer making a quick break. Some people feel that if they say they're leaving, their friends might try to talk them out of it. Some people leave SP to go to WW or some other weight loss program if they feel they aren't getting what they need from SP or the community.

Of course, some people deleted their old spark pages to reappear under a different name. Some members were harassed by others. I know that stinks, but that has happened too.

Perhaps your friend was getting a little overwhelmed and needed time to think things out. Let's try to think of the positive reasons she might have decided to leave instead of the negatives ones. That should help you to feel a bit better.

ATHENA1966 Posts: 4,004
1/28/12 3:31 P

But when someone makes they're page private it gives you that message right? When I click on her friend link on my page there is nothing. When I did a search her page was gone. It just makes me sad and worried because she had all these blogs and I just hope she is ok. Can I add you as a friend and you can look at my page to see what I mean.

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1/28/12 3:13 P


She may have decided to make her page private so that other members cannot see her page. Just a thought...

Coach Nancy

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1/28/12 1:01 P

I just went to check on a Spark friend that I converse with regularly and she is just gone. Her page is gone. This is the third time that this has happened in the past three years and it really hurts. I know people have lives but when people just fall of the face of Spark I wish they would at least say so long, but I am ok. This Sparker had many well read blogs about her battle with alcohol and had been alcohol free for months. I really hope she is ok.

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