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6/13/09 11:30 A

I look at myself too closely in the mirror and am had on myself. I almost talk myself out of wearing my bikini on the beach and to the pool, but when I get down there, I look really good compared to some of the people on the beach, so I worry for nothing!

APPALOOSAS247 Posts: 468
6/13/09 10:28 A

Agreed! They say the camera adds 10 lbs, lol, and I whole heartedly believe it! I think it might also be a psychological thing, though I'm still thinking about how to explain it :)

DOODLE_BUG77 Posts: 135
6/13/09 10:24 A

It is for this reason that I avoid getting my pictures taken.

SADALTON13 Posts: 1,180
6/12/09 10:22 A

I look in a mirror and majority of the time I like how I look and then I will see a picture and just cringe with horror. So which one is real, the picture or the mirror?

VALPO1997 Posts: 4,153
6/12/09 10:08 A

I agree today I am not overweight in the least. But I still today see all of my flaws and "problem" areas.

Regardless of weight I think my biggest challenge is from when I was a child growing up with my brother and mother telling me I was fat.

Still to this day I have challenges in my mind thinking that I just don't meet standards.

LLINDALOU Posts: 341
6/12/09 12:14 A

this is all so true! It's fascinating that the way I look in the mirror can be so inaccurate. Basically, I feel that I look "chubby" or a little overweight no matter when I have been very heavy or at a healthier weight. THen when I see photos of myself it is a great realization of how I "really" look.

6/11/09 9:47 P

I usually look much bigger in pictures than in the mirror, but I had a few pictures taken last month and I look smaller than I thought - what a nice and rare surprise!

OWARY200 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,700)
Posts: 411
6/11/09 7:45 P

I avoid mirrors. At least for now.

RANDOMTEXAN05 Posts: 813
6/11/09 7:43 P

I actually had an issue with the mirror. I would look in it at myself and see myself as I was. The only way I can really tell I have lost weight is to look at pictures. I still that same 200 pound insecure teenager in the mirror and I fight her every day.

CO_VANESSA Posts: 1,080
6/11/09 5:10 P

I have the same issue as everyone else. I think I look good when I look in the mirror - but pictures are another story! I guess I should just try to go by what I feel more than what I see...

FRANCESCANAZ SparkPoints: (95,655)
Fitness Minutes: (111,796)
Posts: 3,191
6/11/09 4:09 P

I looked in the mirror today & noticed the change in my legs after losing weight. At's pretty depressing. The tone is gone and I guess the fat was hiding that fact for a long time.

PEGGYDUC Posts: 97
6/11/09 4:04 P

THATS's all about being honest with yourself...I think that is what it takes to get on the right track...very well put!

HAPPYWRITER7 Posts: 9,723
6/11/09 4:03 P

I struggled fiercely with this my entire first year on SP. At one point, I swore that I saw my body double here, and was amazed that she was 80 pounds heavier than I was. I wrote about my issue on my blog and asked the question on a group forum and the advice given to me was to take a picture and put it somewhere I can see it.
What I did instead was take a picture of me 10 years ago and me now, put them against one another and put it on my desktop where I see it everyday. Im finally beginning to realize what I might look like - in the mirror I still have issues but not nearly as much as before. I think it has also helped me whereas buying clothes is concerned. Im not buying 10 sizes larger than I am anymore.

JAYBIRDNFLIGHT SparkPoints: (14,604)
Fitness Minutes: (11,297)
Posts: 1,607
6/11/09 4:00 P

I am still looking at photos of me from two years ago and pictures of me before I gained most of my weight back. What I see in the mirror is becoming more acceptable because I have the full-length propped up against the wall across from the bathroom. One of the challenges was to look at myself at least three times a day in the mirror (I think I joined that challenge). Anyway, when I step out of the bathroom, I have no choice but to see myself. This exercise helps...whether or not I like what I see, I have to get honest about myself and then start appreciating what I look like NOW - not avoid it until I think I'm more acceptable to myself. Photos only tell half the story....although I do miss how good I felt about myself at the smaller size.

PEGGYDUC Posts: 97
6/11/09 3:57 P

I have placed my photo-taking of me on hold for a while :)...don't want that truth staring back at is it that I have always thought not quite there with the pictures...but those same pictures I look back on and think...hey I looked pretty good???

VALPO1997 Posts: 4,153
6/11/09 3:52 P

I hate having pictures taken of me. I just think I don't look right in them. Never have. I was a cute kid, don't know what happened when I got older.

Mirrors or pictures are not good for me. I even just saw a partial behind of me and thought oh my...

IMRSCICI Posts: 631
6/11/09 3:19 P

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I still look in the mirror and say "I'm skinny", knowing good and well I am not. When I take a picture, it is a whole another story! I'm like "Wow! I'm Huge!". The camera can be discouraging and the mirror can be tricky. I guess that is why I didn't start my "lifestyle change" until I was 260...I still looked "skinny" in the mirror..=/

SONICB Posts: 4,381
6/11/09 2:27 P

The camera really does add 10 lb! I think I look terrible in most photos, even though I'm fine with what I see in the mirror. Hm...!

LLDURADO SparkPoints: (17,986)
Fitness Minutes: (17,804)
Posts: 923
6/11/09 2:19 P

I totally agreee. I think of myself as much slimmer and fitter than what every photo taken of me shows.I also cant stand to see photos of myself makes me cringe.

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (42,025)
Posts: 3,659
6/11/09 2:13 P

The camera always makes you look 5-10 pounds heavier than you really are. That's why I hate getting my picture taken.

JCJ120 Posts: 316
6/11/09 2:02 P

I am a total camera-phobe. I feel like a tiny head on an enormous body!! The mirror is definitely kinder to me... however, when I first started going to the gym, I felt slimmer than I looked in the mirror. I would be surprised by my image every time I passed in front of the mirror as I walked aroung the gym. The mind is a mysterious thing.

6/11/09 1:59 P

I feel exactly like the last poster does. It's quite discouraging when you see what is on the picture! emoticon

IAMSHE-RA Posts: 2,588
6/11/09 1:57 P

I always think I look better in the mirror than in photos. I always seem to look puffy in photos plus my head sometimes looks egg shaped. I really hate being photographed, but every once in a while I get a picture that doesn't make me want to scream. emoticon

CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
6/11/09 1:53 P

i don't have a full body mirror at home so it's hard to tell. in stores, i know that mirrors are made to show us slimmer anyway

on the other hand, many say that the camera adds 5 lbs on your frame. still, i go by that image. the camera is always right :)

Edited by: CRICKETRO at: 6/11/2009 (13:54)
6/11/09 1:28 P

I always think I'm slimmer in mirrors than photos - it IS very odd

so what I do is take pics of my mid section with my laptop's webcam (see my profile pic to the left) - or I set the timer of my digital camera and run across the room and get a full length pic of me

I don't like looking at my full length ones, BUT it definitely is a reality check when I'm contemplating eating too much (doesn't always work though lol)

and I find I look different in every mirror too !

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MSWENDI42 Posts: 3,925
6/11/09 11:33 A

I agree with the original poster. My mirror must be very kind to me because when I take candid shots, wow do I look a lot heavier. For example, the other night I had a new outfit on and thought I looked very cute and then they took pics and I looked so much heavier...didn't want to keep or share those pics.

HARTMAMP Posts: 501
6/11/09 10:47 A

How about just the differences in each mirror?! I look in one mirror and look 5-10 lbs heavier than I do in another. I guess it has something to do with how the mirror is hung, but I am forever wondering what I REALLY look like.

SHANNON112001 Posts: 2
6/11/09 10:40 A

DonnaSue, I agree with you. I look in the mirror and see a much slimer girl than that in a photo. I also find the same thing when I pick a pair of pants or shorts off the rack at the store. I know in my mind I wear an 18, but when I hold them up I can't believe how HUGE they are, I put them back and grab a 16 because that's the way I "feel" as though I look. Get them to the dressing room and boy is a size 16 tight! :(

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/1/09 9:08 A

Jade, I think you need to reconsider. The photos of you on your page are gorgeous. You are definitely NOT unphotogenic to judge by those.

2/1/09 12:09 A

There are hardly any pictures of me around because I am just so incredibly unphotogenic. I actually don't think I'm that bad looking, yet the majority of pictures of me are DREADFUL!! I think it has a lot to do with a) being so pale b) still being a leeetle bit chubby and c) the fact that I now know most pictures of me are awful, so as soon as a camera comes out I get ridiculously awkward and uncomfortable, and look it!

SEXYSIZE_12 Posts: 2,390
1/31/09 11:59 P

I know exactly what your talking about, it is that perception that helped me get big and stay that way for quiet awhile. So I fight those perceptions very hard now, so I can live in the here and now and the reality of my situation. So I can get rid of this extra weight forever. Keep up the good work :O) emoticon

DONNASUE65 Posts: 20
1/31/09 10:35 P

Has anyone else ever noticed the inconsistency with what you see in the mirror and what you see when you look at a photograph of yourself? My inconsistencies are strange. At a heavy weight, my mind sees a slimmer person in the mirror then what I see in a photo. When I loose weight, my mind sees a heavier person then what the photo reflects. Isn't it so strange how your mind plays tricks on you?

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